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When summer heat blasts its way into our lives, the first impulse we all have is to turn on the air conditioning. This leads to relief, but it also means a hefty energy bill. It’s possible to balance comfort with budgetary demands, however, and it’s not difficult to do. The new technology of recent years gives us an arsenal in the battle with the bill.

Personal Cool
Air-conditioned shirts, air-conditioned beds and evaporative cooling hats are just a few of the recent inventions to help with the battle of the bill. High tech fans, when temperatures are below ninety degrees, can be very helpful. The trend away from whole house heating happened several years ago. The new location-based cooling approach, which removes the need to refrigerate whole areas, is a great concept to cool a space without adding to the bill.

Hidden Energy Vampires
If you have an old air conditioner, or freezer or refrigerator for that matter, it may be time for a new one. Old appliances can be huge energy gobblers. Newer appliances are much more energy-efficient. The new appliance can pay for itself in one summer’s energy savings.

Other Energy Helpers
Desktop solar has come a long way in the last few years. Solar based laptops with television access can be a lifesaver. Solar-based or intensive resource lighting is a big help in keeping the electric bill down.

Gauge Yourself
Very useful gadgets exist for monitoring electricity usage, some which connect from the device to the wall socket. These can be useful for those with one-room air conditioners. They also moderate the amount of electricity needed so that nothing is wasted. Adding room fans at crucial places in the home can help move air around, which is useful for cooling.

Tips and Steps
There are also some simple hints to keep the bills in line while providing comfort to your space.

1. Wear less clothing, eat more ice cream.

Whatever you wear is insulation. Insulation keeps you warm, which is a bad thing in summer months. If you wear a hat, take it off. Heat escapes through your head. You might also consider some of the less-pricey technology clothes like an evaporative cooling hat with a personal fan. Use the hot weather as an excuse to consume cold food and beverages.

2. Keep your filters clean and the air conditioning in good working order.

If the air has to struggle through clogged filters, it’ll have to use more energy to do so.

Lastly, remember that what produces light creates heat. What creates heat increases heat. Turn off the lights. Don’t run the clothes dryer or cook inside during the hottest part of the day. The heat created will have to be cooled by your air conditioner. No need to make things hotter than they already are.

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