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When your car has been chugging along the highway making awful sounds for the past few months, it’s about time that you purchased something else. A brand new car is simply out of the budget for many including yourself at this time, so you opt for a used car. What should you know?

Private Sale vs. Dealership
Some people feel that it’s easier to purchase a car privately. If it’s from a family member or friend, then the sentiment is quite possibly true. However, in any other cases, it’s best to go to a dealership. When you buy a car from a stranger, you have no idea if he or she is lying to you about the condition of the vehicle. Once you drive the car away, you have no guarantee that it won’t immediately crumble apart, and private parties do not give you warranties. It’s also unsafe to meet strangers off of the Internet. At dealerships, you are also able to opt for a car marked certified pre-owned as opposed to used.

Checking the Price
Before physically browsing through used cars, you should see what the prices are for the type of car you want. Visit reputable websites that list the estimated value of the car. Sometimes, this price will not reflect the current market price. In addition to using these resources, you should also be looking at the car prices from various dealerships. Go to the one where you can get the best deal, or print out the different prices you’ve seen and head to another one. Whenever you’re saying that somewhere else lists a lower price, you need to have physical evidence in hand.

Check the Car Out
If you have a mechanic in the family or amongst your circle of friends, ask if he’ll go along with you to the used car lot. The establishment might allow him to check out the vehicle. You should also be looking up a report of any accidents that the car has sustained. Even if the damage from the accident was repaired, long lasting consequences could still be present. A car that was severely hit might have a permanently damaged axle or tires that keep shredding.

Test Drive It
Don’t be hesitant to ask for a test drive on a used vehicle. The price you are paying for the car should not affect whether you are allowed to test drive. It’s really necessary to do, especially in a used car. Your boyfriend might have a newer version of the car that you’ve driven a few times. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be comfortable in an old model. You will need to see if the seat belt fits appropriately and how you are able to handle the size of the car.

Adding a new-for-you car to your lineup is exciting. You’ll be getting around more safely, and you’ll have more peace of mind than in your old clunker. Just follow some practical rules and use common sense to get the best car for you.

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