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Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a popular buzzword today.  Web owners jump to the thought of having their website on the first page of Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines, dropping everything at the chance to hire and SEO professional.  It is important for business owners to know that, before entering into a contract with an SEO company, the first step is to measure the expertise and professionalism of the firm.  Not all SEO companies are actual SEO experts and not all companies are professional.  The following guide will make your decision easier, educating you on the best ways to spot an expert SEO company.

Did you know that the search term “expert SEO organization” yields over one million results?  As a company seeking professional services, the task to find an expert is a daunting one.  You want an expert firm that offers dependable SEO services, but you also want to weed out the companies that misrepresent themselves as experts.  Understand that not all companies that appear in the search results page are skilled in delivering SEO services.  The best way to locate the experts is to acknowledge the essential attributes of a truly skilled company.

1. Presence of Certified SEO Professionals

Search engines like Google and Yahoo certify teams of SEO professionals.  A basic requirement for being a search engine optimization expert, certification tops our list as the best way to spot the difference between an SEO expert and someone who simply claims to be one.

2.  Working Methodology

Reaching top rankings on Google and other search engines is no easy task.  It requires tremendous knowledge, effort and team input.  In the world of search engine optimization, there exist two different types of strategies.  White-hat SEO strategies do well on search engines, as Google, Yahoo and others accept these as their preferred method of ranking.  On the contrary, black-hat strategies perform poorly in the rankings, risking the potential of reduced rankings or even complete banishment from the search engine.  White-hat is common among experts while amateurs tend to favor black-hat.  Always look into the working strategy of an SEO company to determine their use of either white-hat or black-hat methodology.

3. Previous Client Feedback

Dependable, professional SEO companies generally provide feedback from previous clients.  Along with feedback, a company may display a link to the client website.  The expert companies take the process a step further, also revealing the keywords and phrases used for the particular campaign.  As a potential client, you can check not only the feedback from the client, but also the reputation of the keywords and phrases in the search engines.  Client feedback is an excellent gauge of an expert search engine optimization company.

4.  Awareness of Latest Search Engine Optimization Changes

SEO is one of the most rapidly changing industries around.  Google and other search engines make adjustments to searching and indexing factors on a regular basis, employing brand new concepts that change the game for anyone indexed in the engine.  Factors including social media, Twitter, MySpace marketing and other networking information, once ignored by the search engines, now make up a large percentage of a website’s ability to rank.  Always ensure that the company keeps up with algorithm changes before finalizing the deal.
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