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Guest posting can is the process of building natural links to your website through posting on a range of niche websites. Over the years guest posting has become an extremely effective method of link building. One reason it has become so popular is due to the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes. Firstly, the Panda change means your onsite content, if your onsite content is poor then you Google will deem your site as low quality. Penguin means the quality of your link profile; if your link profile is full of spam like links then you are likely to be punished by Google. This article will inform you of what you need to be able to make a successful guest posting campaign and be recognised by Google as a strong website.


Identify a Keyword

Search engine optimisation is still very useful to attain ranking. In order to discover what you should target and what you would like to rank for you should use Google’s keyword tool. This will analyze each keyword and show you just how many people search that particular term. It will also inform you of how competitive each keyword is and what are the other keywords related to that term.  Once you have selected a keyword that you know will generate more conversions and sales for your websites, you should write content based around that particular term.


As you all know, content is crucial to the success of any online marketing campaign. This holds especially true for guest posting. You need to ensure that your content is relevant to your niche; this will ensure that it gets taken by the site owner. Before writing the content you should thoroughly research the topic. If you create attractive content you are much more likely to feature on a powerful site. Getting links onto sites that are high in traffic and have many back links is crucial to the success of your guest posting campaign.  Ensure that your content is:

  • Over 600 Words
  • Original
  • Concise
  • Has a max 1 to 2 Anchor Texts
  • Grammatically Correct

Site Quality Signals

Remember that your site is only as good as what you are linking to. When you are scouring the web take these factors into consideration:

  • Domain authority
  • Page Rank
  • Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Link Profile
  • Content Quality

All of these are important factors in ranking for Google. If all signals are high and healthy then you are more likely to be high up for Google rankings. Sites that link to quality sites are regarded as quality sites so it is important to guest post on sites giving out all the quality signals.

Now you have identified a niche and a high quality website you need to send the content to the webmaster. One way to ensure your content is being polite and thankful. However, many people can do this so it is always good to offer extra. One thing extra you can offer people is a guest post exchange. Offering people a link on their own website will enable you to post on their website as they will be getting something in return for allowing you to post.

Taking all these aspects into account will help your chances of posting on high quality sites. By producing quality content it means that you are able to post on another high quality site.  In order to post on such sites you need to be able to offer people something in return, therefore it is advised to have a list of blogs yourself for others to post on.

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