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There are so many cleaning products available today that it can become a chore just trying to choose which ones to use. Not only that, many of the mainstream cleaning agents are quite heavy duty and they bring chemicals into the home. Why not consider a more natural solution for your cleaning routine such as vinegar. Vinegar can indeed help keep your household products clean and here are just a few you can try to get started.

Clean a Grubby Shower
White vinegar might be tasty on your salad but it can also double as a cleaning agent for your shower. Simply make up a solution of three parts vinegar and two parts water and you have yourself a non-chemical laden option to get your shower sparkling clean. Spray liberally onto all the surfaces and leave it to penetrate for about an hour or so particularly if there is mould present. After the soaking time is up rinse the shower to reveal a clean finish for you to enjoy next time you bathe.

Windows and Mirrors that Sparkle
Vinegar is renowned for its effectiveness at leaving windows and mirrors super clean. Wipe the surfaces over with newspaper dabbed in vinegar and you’ll soon be admiring a sparkling clean finish.

A Cleaner Kettle
A simple way to clean out your kettle and rid it of limescale is to add two cups of water and a half cup of vinegar and let stand overnight. Rinse the kettle thoroughly the next morning. If your kettle is particularly grubby then boil undiluted vinegar in the kettle for a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Dirty Vases
Fresh cut flowers in a clear glass vase make a lovely addition to your home. However, what happens once the flowers die off? You’re usually left with a vase that has developed an unsightly brown ring around its inner rim where the water has grown dirty and clung. It’s easy to see a perfectly clean vase again with a simple solution of half water and half white distilled vinegar. Soak the vase in this vinegar potion and then rinse and wipe clean with a lint free cloth or quality paper towel.

A Cleaner Dishwasher
A dirty dishwasher can quickly eventuate if soap scum is allowed to build up inside the machine. The perfect way to a cleaner dishwasher is to place a cup of white vinegar inside the empty machine and run its full washing cycle. Not only will this help remove built up residue, it will have a deodorising affect as well. Before you know it you’ll be seeing perfectly clean glasses coming out of your dishwasher every time.

Vinegar really is a wonderful cleaning solution. It’s affordable, non-toxic and readily available at your local supermarket, making it the perfect choice for you and your family including your pets! Don’t add toxic chemicals to your home environment when you don’t need to. Instead, make savings in the budget when you no longer need to purchase expensive cleaning products that can be damaging to the environment, your health and in some cases to your precious household products. So give vinegar a go, you’re sure to be impressed with the results it gives you.

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Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Supplies, the on-line store for Designer Bathroom Faucets. You can follow him on twitter @usef4u