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Decorating your home and matching items in it can be very rewarding.  Mats can play a big part in most rooms of your home too.  Whether it is your living room, bathroom, or children’s room there is a mat to suit each room depending on your décor.  You can also use mats in certain ways to enhance your rooms too.  Here are ten pinterest board ideas of how mats can work in your home.

  1.  – A contemporary style bedroom with small mats that are bold and really stand out against the décor. These are made to look like pebbles which are a great effect.
  2. – This is a great outside space on a balcony with the use of furniture and one single striped mat.  Looks very inviting and summery.
  3. – Bathroom mats can be fun and quirky and need not be boring.  Newlyweds would love these mats as a present. 
  4. – Lots of small mats are used here in a living room/ dining space.  This works really well and the colours work especially well against each other.
  5. – These colourful mats are all crocheted.  They are truly unique and the colours of them work so well together.  Hand crafted items that have a lot of love and time spent on them.
  6. – These stripy colourful mats work very well in this white contemporary looking kitchen.  It is just enough colour for them to stand out but not be too bold.
  7. – Back gardens can also use mats to inject some colour into them.  These different colour and style mats work well all used together for an outside space.
  8. – In this house wide mats and narrow mats are used together to enhance the rooms they are used in.  This works very well and gives the house some real character.
  9. – A Natural yellow mat is used in this room to enhance it.  Tones of yellows are used in this living room and using this mat really makes the yellow on the walls stand out.
  10. – In this bedroom they use large leather mats on the walls rather than on the floors.  These look great and they act as a headboard too.  Quirky and in this modern bedroom it really works well.  You don’t always need to use mats just for walking on!

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