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All-in-one desktops are great to have. They are portable and it is easy to attach peripherals. For people who are new to the idea, the HP TouchSmart 320-1030 would be the perfect one to start with. It is great as an entertainment system and is also decent for medium gaming.

All-in-one desktops store everything behind the screen. That is why no system unit is needed. All the ports, drives and components are found in that monitor. One good thing about the TouchSmart 320-1030 is that its base is wide. Most all-in-one computers have narrow stands that support the entire screen. The larger base on the 320-1030 makes it more stable. The user can tilt the screen without feeling scared that the entire thing will fall over. The wider base also helps in keeping the unit stable when using its capacitive touchscreen. Other models tend to bounce for some seconds after a touch or two.

Another good thing about all-in-one desktops is that the speakers are integrated onto the screen. The TouchSmart 320-1030 also has Beats Audio which helps in enhancing the audio that is produced. The screen has a resolution of 1600 by 900 enabling it to play 720p videos without any problem. 1080p HD videos can still be played but are scaled down due to the screen size.

Wireless peripherals and components are also a must in all all-in-one desktops. The TouchSmart 320-1030 is equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse. This reduces the amount of wires needed and makes the work area neater. The system also has a built-in Wi-Fi card for wireless connectivity. The only remaining thing that has a wire would be the power.

At $700 this device is pretty much complete with the numerous ports it has. There are USB 2.0 ports on the left side and also on the back. One thing that is lacking is an HDMI port. This would have been great if the unit is already too slow but the screen is still usable.

The TouchSmart 320-1030 has a 1TB hard drive that is somewhat loaded with bloatware. Be sure to set aside a couple of minutes in removing these. Also be sure to leave the HP LinkUp intact. This is a great tool for remotely accessing your HP computer and transferring files over the internet.

The processing power of the 320-1030 is nothing to be concerned about. It is equipped with the AMD A4-3400 which has two cores and has 4GB of RAM inside. AMD cores are great for gaming and this one will help save you the cost of a discrete graphics module.