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Heat can be a real drain on worker productivity. Studies suggest productivity drops by 20 percent when workers feel uncomfortable because of the temperature. Even worse, high temperatures increase the risk of health problems like heat exhaustion. As important as temperature control is, though, it’s not always cost effective to run a central air conditioner for a whole factory floor, open plan office or other large area. A spot cooler provides a more economical solution.

Convenient, Affordable Cooling

A portable spot cooling unit allows cool air to be directed right where it’s needed as an alternative to running a central air conditioning unit that cools the entire area. The typical unit conditions around 400 to 1,000 sq. ft., although other sizes are available. This smaller air conditioning unit uses less electricity than central A/C, saving money while keeping workers comfortable.

Portable air conditioners work much like window air conditioners. They draw air into a condensing unit, cool it with a refrigerant like R-22 or HCFC-22, then blow the cool air back out again. The difference is that spot air conditioners require no installation. The caster wheels these units are equipped with make them easy to move to wherever instant cooling is needed.

Cool Air for Every Environment

Industrial and office settings can benefit from purchasing a spot cooler. Many units are designed to fit into tight spaces for precision cooling. Some models are safe to place directly against a wall and others can be mounted on the ceiling. Spot cooling units with multiple ducts allows airflow to be directed to two or more workspaces at once.

Because portable air conditioners produce minimal noise, they won’t interfere with office workers’ concentration. Units designed for industrial use are often equipped with an air-tight motor to keep out dust and moisture that could cause damage.

Happier, Healthier Workers

Keeping workers comfortable improves their performance in a number of ways. Employees save time because they aren’t continually leaving their workspaces in attempt to cool down. Absenteeism decreases when workers don’t end their days feeling sick and exhausted. Office workers coming in on weekends or after hours can stay cool and concentrate on their work even when the central A/C is off.

Morale increases when workers feel conditions allow them to perform their jobs well. Eliminating excess heat also reduces risk of errors and injuries that can occur when workers are fatigued and distracted.

Cooling for comfort is a critical part of keeping workers productive, but expensive central air conditioning isn’t the only option. Whether management needs to cool a factory floor, office, medical laboratory or other heat-prone workspace, a spot cooler can lower the temperature and hold down cooling costs, too.

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