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Skip Hire Services

Unfortunately, while skip hire services provide the construction industry with a reliable and affordable means of effective waste management, it seems that skip hire companies themselves are failing to properly dispose of collected waste in accordance with governmental waste disposal legislation.

Unauthorised Dumping of Waste

Only last month Richard Allan – the head of Brampton Skip Hire Ltd, a waste disposal firm in Cumbria – was charged in court with the unauthorised dumping of waste. Failing to hold the permit required by law to dispose of waste, the ship hire firm also faced additional charges for operating a regulated waste facility without gaining prior authority.

Were it not for the alarming number of similar stories that have recently made headlines, it might have been possible to regard the actions of Brampton Skip Hire Ltd as an isolated incident, one not representative of the waste disposal industry as a whole.

Environmental Regulations

Around the same time as the above offenses were committed, another skip hire firm – this time in Darlington – was summoned to court after repeatedly failing to adhere to environmental regulations. And in Wokingham, a father and son pleaded guilty to running an illegal skip hire business after being sent to court for repeatedly ignoring enforcement notices to clear up their land.

Skip Hire Companies

While it’s certainly easy to place blame solely on the skip hire companies themselves, these recent events do raise a number of important questions and call for a more in-depth examination of our waste disposal methods and environmental preconceptions if they’re to be fully understood.

Waste Management

Is this repeated failure by skip hire companies to abide by environmental regulation less a case of unattainable waste management directive goals and instead more symptomatic of a bigger problem, that of our collective ignorance or wilful denial of what actually happens to the things we throw away?

Too far removed from the methods of disposal, and largely unaware of the enormity of the issue, there’s little to alert us when our waste is insufficiently disposed of – once the skip is loaded onto the truck, our concerns end.

Recycling has gained more widespread acceptance in recent years thanks to a number of high-profile green initiatives, and while its increased figures do suggest that we’re capable of making the necessary lifestyle changes that allow proper disposal methods to function, they also highlight our inability to ensure that those skip hire and waste disposal companies operating on our behalf actually carry out the services they’ve been entrusted with. While the laws and regulations that are in place certainly serve to uphold an important standard, the issues (whether environmental or legislative) inherent in finding reliable, sustainable waste management solutions need to be met with a more active public engagement seen on a far larger scale if any form of progression is to be made.

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