The Responsibility Of Urban Expansion – Manchester’s Search For Sustainable Waste Disposal

The Responsibility Of Urban Expansion – Manchester’s Search For Sustainable Waste Disposal

Dubbed the UK’s ‘second city’, Manchester owes its achievements as much to its waste management (in the form of recycling initiatives, skip hire services and inventive resource recovery) as it does to its award-winning architectural builds and forward-thinking urban development projects.

With a number of high profile building developments to its name, Manchester – the world’s first industrialised city – underwent extensive urban development during the 60s and 70s on a never-before-seen scale.  Expanding its boundaries and growing vertically at a prodigious rate, the city saw a number of modern skyscrapers emerging, rising from its newly regenerated parts.

With this rapid expansion however, a new concern presented itself to those industries responsible for changing the face of the city; the need for an effective and reliable waste disposal infrastructure.  The excessive waste that was daily being generated by the development projects in operation across the city stood to have untold consequences, with the health of the population and engineering safety standards both at risk.

Cheaper than the other waste disposal methods available at the time, skips provided the city with the cost-effective and easily implementable solution it had been looking for and now desperately needed.  Allowing for the quick removal of waste, ship hire services proved to be one of the most effective and efficient forms of recycling and waste management for those companies operating in the construction and demolition industries.

However, whilst regular development projects have kept Manchester’s skip hire companies in regular work over the past half century, our growing knowledge – and subsequent concern – in the environmental issues that threaten to affect our quality of life have seen us taking steps to ensure that skip hire services are more tightly regulated than they once were, with increasingly stringent governmental waste disposal laws having come into effect.

Implementing renewable sources of energy and promoting waste minimisation wherever possible, skip hire companies – like the city itself – have undergone radical change over the years, now providing their services with an increased emphasis on their environmental awareness and performance.

With a number of proposed and approved constructions set to take place in the near future, Manchester’s reliance on skip hire services is still strong, with the waste disposal infrastructure (and persistent search for new and more sustainable solutions) continuing to form the backbone of this progressive city as its skyline evolves and develops in untold ways into the 21st century.

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