Indian Food and New Zealand

People of New Zealand are well known for their adventurous food preferences. The Kiwi diet is no longer only influenced by pizzas, burgers, and western fast food but is also being increasingly tantalized by the spicy Indian cuisine. It is seen that the consumption of Asian fast food in New Zealand has soared up by 20% in the past five years. Every so often there is a new restaurant popping up in new areas. The Suburbs in New Zealand has witnessed incremental growth in Indian restaurants in their vicinity. Affordable Restaurant in Takanini or in other suburbs are seen to flourish with diners crowding in for a bite in these regions of Auckland.

An old tradition

Indian food is praised for its curries, mouth-burning spices and the complex flavour pairings that come along. With the use of cardamom, tamarind and other similar pungent ingredients, the resulting taste is unlike anything found elsewhere around the globe. But scientists in India have now found exactly what makes Indian food so good — it is the lesser number of overlapping flavours in ingredients.  “We found that average flavour sharing in Indian cuisine was significantly lesser than expected,” researchers wrote. India’s traditional food has been globally appreciated for its beautiful use of herbs and spices. The cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes and the traditional cooking style that has been perfected and passed down over generations. The cooking style in India is largely subdivided into South and North Indian cuisine.

Changing food habits


While most of the people in New Zealander still prefer a relaxed eating environment keeping up with the laid back Kiwi lifestyle, the style of eating has changed almost as much as the food itself in the last few decades.

Summer usually the season of barbecues and alfresco dining where the emphasis is on fresh and simple fare. But, rather than the once traditional sausage and chop with tomato sauce and white bread, today’s barbeque menu is more likely to include shellfish and quality cuts of meat complemented with gourmet sauces, herbs and spices, specialist vegetables and exotic salads and fruits. Eating out and takeaways have also grown popular with the increasing trends of nightlife. One can always Order Indian Food Online in Takanini or suburbs, no matter the hour.

New Zealand sure loves a nice curry

What is on the minds of New Zealanders when they try Indian food? Some of New Zealand’s favourite Indian dishes seem to be the paneer Kathi roll, long grained basmati rice topped with some flavourful Indian curry, tandoori chicken (favourite anywhere across the globe), butter chicken, bunjal chicken and palak daal.

These are just a few of the mouth-watering dishes being cooked in New Zealand’s numerous Indian restaurants! Try out an Indian restaurant in your city to discover something new.



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