Does the summer cause too many bad hair days for you? For those of you with oily hair, your hair just becomes greasier, due to the humidity making your scalp irritate while people with dry hair suffer from frizzy hair and an itchy scalp. While it is of utmost importance for you to eat healthy, especially during the summer months to keep your hair woes at bay, a natural hair care routine is your best option during this season. Here are some natural hair care tips. Also consult with the best Hair salon in New Plymouth or a city near you.

Argan oil

When it is the time to embrace a natural hair care routine during the months of summer, nothing can work as effectively as argan oil. This is a must in this season, it is light-weight, nourishing and also vitalises your hair with a dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. So the next time you find yourself suffering from any type of summer hair woes, always remember to get your hands on some argan oil and infuse it as a part of your daily hair care routine.

Do not keep the oil overnight

Contrary to popular belief, it is advisable that you stay away from keeping the oil overnight during this season. During the summer your hair needs proper hydration and nourishment. But when you leave the oil in your hair overnight, it only means that you have to rinse your hair doubly by using excessive shampoo—something that is often refrained from in the hair care world. All you really will be needing during this season is to massage the oil on your scalp and then rinse it off within an hour. If you are still unsure get yourself an appointment with an affordable salon in New Plymouth or a city near you.

Keep away from blow drying

Hair specialists insists that out of the various factors that lead to your hair woes in the summers is the application of heat styling. Apart from the daily sun exposure, using heat styling on your hair such as blow drying your hair can cause significant hair breakage and also leave you with an unhealthy scalp. Heat styling often robs your hair of its moisture and you surely won’t want that happening to you in the summers when your hair is already dry and dehydrated most of the time. Precisely, this is why you should be staying away from any type of heat styling and instead, opt for natural alternatives in an attempt to keep your hair smooth and soft all through the season.

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