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Music Players, the device which is used to listen to the soul of an era, music. How the tiny particle, stores the nature`s gift with the instrument`s execution???? How the Nature`s source be executed through a man made instrument, so beautifully???? Riddles that questions many, but ‘invention’ the term do for all. God`s gift is executed through a God`s resources!!!! Mp3 players evolution made a remarkable histories and the invention that carried to this state, and will expect more.

Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation

Apple inc., Steve job`s men ruling out the world with their innovation. A real hard workers on the Path, started their way with the crew, that builts Headquarters in california, United States. Initially, the Brand was Apple computers, then change was happened to Apple inc., corporation. Craze on the brand`s product will never be over, for the century more!!!

iPod 7th Generation Evolution

Apple`s clients are many, that influences more auction site too like uBid, DealDash then more. The corporation recently launched its 7th generation iPod names nano, which carry all the existing as well unique features added to attain success ratio, huge. The instant made me gloomy that, iPod nano retails $144.99, DealDash provides it for $22.63 to the Winners. WTF???

Apple iPod nano displays the pixels of 240×432 in the 2.5” Multi Touch color resoltion screen. The storage that sounds pretty massive, which collects 16GB data. Feel to snatch it, now!!! 7th generation will soon become my 6th finger. Words to DealDash, I`ll try you but show me ur best. Apple adds the features to its child, Nano with Bluetooth 4.0, widescreen video. Preloaded software on clock, Radio, Photos and PodCast has included in the 7th generation. OMG!!! How much it weighs???? Just 5.4mm thin, estimate the Weight!!! Apple doesn’t limit with the additional accessories, that it makes comfortable with the Apple EarPods.

My head starts to nod, for the bass!!!!!

DealDash, Here I come…Help me to grab it… If not you, then I`ll somehow game it…..