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a1740_20130309Rhonda Dinn is a digital content developer for Touch Free Concepts.  She is focused on improving the health of people in the workplace with hands free products, including automatic toilet flushers.

Renovation is an often overwhelming proposition.  What should stay and what should go?  As you ponder these questions, you may find that the answer lies in transitional decor.  That is to say, a blend of traditional and modern.  It allows you to blend pieces you’ve come to love with new elements that add spark and excitement to a room.

Automative technology is now making its way into domestic design and can serve as an innovative and economic way to update your home. We’ve all become very accustomed to automated appliances in public restrooms – like motion sensor bathroom water faucets and soap dispensers as well as automatic toilet flushers.  The reason automation came into play in public use was because of its three main benefits: cleanliness, conservation and cost.

The Kitchen Sink:

While a full kitchen renovation is still costly, on average $50,000 for a full makeover,

it’s possible to freshen the look of a kitchen by simply updating certain specific elements.  One of the first places to look is the kitchen sink.  Replace a worn, stained porcelain sink with a sleeker steel model.  Add to that, an automated faucet and you’ll begin to feel like you’re in a whole new kitchen.

The latest design in faucets are both eco-friendly and downright beautiful.  An automated faucet, also called a motion sensor faucet, can show a significant savings in water usage, help stop the spread of germs and look like a piece of art.  They come in a wide range of functions and styles.  Many have a motion sensor that runs on batteries, but there are also designs that run on the energy created by the faucet’s running water to generate its power. This design also stores the energy for future use.


Changing the lighting in a given area can create a world of difference.  Lighting can soften a room or make it pop.  It can also highlight certain spaces or objects that used to just blend into the overall room.  Dimmer lights with timers continue to add an extra level of security to your home as well, through their ability to switch on when you’re gone.

Look for new lighting systems that are green.  These save energy and lessen your electricity costs while offering you an endless array of design choices. There are systems that are “occupant aware”, which turn off automatically when they do not sense movement in the room over a given period of time.  Lighting systems like these are especially beneficial for families with young children.

The Bathroom:

Automate your bathroom and the benefits will be a great new look and reduced costs in your overall household budget.   Just as with kitchen faucets, motion sensor bathroom faucets now come in a plethora of styles, colors and shapes.  Shower faucets are now programable so that you can touch an icon and the water is the exact temperature every single time from the first drop.  This is a particularly useful feature for families with young children or the elderly.  Even automatic toilet flushers have their place in the home.  There are roughly 40,000 germs on a toilet handle – enough said. They also can be programmed to flush every few days if you are away for long periods of time which is very useful to the smooth functioning of the system.

These are just a few ways to update your home without breaking the bank through the use of skillful design and the latest trends in automation.  Look around for inspiration and you’ll find just the right blend of elements to update your home.