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This past week has been a whirlwind of activity as I spend a few days with family in Los Angeles, California before heading to the big island of Hawai’i.  Distractions I normally never encounter have been buzzing all around me as my boyfriend’s three young nephews climb all over him like a jungle gym, seeing which of the trio can shout “uncle Tony” the loudest in desperate attempts to gain his undivided attention.

My tiny little netbook has been my near-constant companion during this trip which, while relaxing, isn’t entirely a vacation.  I still have deadlines to meet, clients to satisfy, and timezones to comply with that really don’t give a fig if I’m lounging poolside or stuck in traffic on the 405. Seems like each time I open up my laptop some small child wants to know if I’m going to watch their favorite video on Youtube.  Thankfully they understand the meaning of homework, each time I mentioned having homework to do before I could play I was granted the peace and serenity needed to bang out some work.

A Mom’s Work is Never Done

This has given me a new appreciation for the work-at-home, internet entrepreneurs who deal with these sorts of distractions on a daily basis.  Juggling work responsibilities with the jam-packed schedule of getting the kids off to school, delivering one to karate class before dropping the other two at piano and soccer practice respectively, it’s a wonder any work gets done at all!  All is not lost, however, because depending on the age and hobbies of your children you can probably get them involved in the inner workings of your at-home business.

Take Your Child to Work Day For the Work-At-Home Set

  • Confidence Booster – There’s nothing quite so thrilling as being a young adult asked to do grown adult types of activities.  The responsibility of helping mom and dad make money simply by sharing knowledge on some topic often results in a desire to learn even more.  It hard not feeling a sense of pride when watching the wheels of inspiration spinning in a young mind.
  • The Omniscience of Youth – Remember when you were a kid and you knew everything?  Take advantage of that with your own children!  If your son has an uncanny knack for technology and getting the most out of your home network, feature him on your podcast to answer questions about the best router to connect your myriad of bandwidth-sucking devices.  You’d be surprised just how many devices eat up your bandwidth, chances are your kid knows all this and more.
  • Family Bonding – Everyone wants to feel heard, understood, and appreciated. By getting your kids involved in your podcasting they are able to gain a better appreciation for all of your hard work just as you’re able to enjoy the quality time spent with them. This can lead to an incredibly rewarding creative relationship and may even set the stage for your child’s future career interests.
  • Work-Ethic in Action – Being able to see you at work is important.  Too often children get the idea that you’re readily available simply because they can see you’re at home, this leads to distractions and causes important deadlines to be missed.  Rather than grow frustrated to the point where you have to hide out at your nearest Panera to get any real work done, why not get your children involved in the research and editing phases of your podcast?  Having them share the responsibility of completing work will have an impact on how often you are interrupted as a result.

In-House Outsourcing, Literally

Getting your children involved with your podcasting, vlogging, blogging, and business efforts helps foster skills which they can use for a lifetime.  Not everyone feels confident with audio or video editing, but children seem to have an uncanny desire to master these tech-savvy arts.  Encourage your children to try new things, and if their talents are solid enough then invite them to work with you, even recommend their work to others.  If nothing else you’ll be giving them an advantage in todays competitive job market.  Who knows, your child’s artistic talent could lead to the development of some top WP themes.

Freelance writer Rachel Cook loves children, having been one herself not too long ago.  A recent retiree from the corporate rat-race, she has embarked upon an open-ended world tour, sharing her experiences as she travels from one place to the next.  A trouble-shooter by nature, Rachel often brainstorms ideas with the intent of making life easier for others, which is why she often recommends to anyone looking to establish a business presence online.