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It’s your wedding day. It’s only going to happen once in your lifetime therefore you need to ensure that everything goes on smooth. If you want to have a classic wedding then you need to consider hiring a wedding planner. With this professional you don’t need to worry about anything from food to guests and music. But you can’t just jump on anybody and believe everything is going to be alright, there are certain things you will need to consider before you select any wedding planner. These aspects are very important so you need to pay very close attention to them.

Do Research First

To get the perfect wedding planner the first thing is for you to do some research. Ask friends, Neighbors and family members to give you contacts of wedding planners they once hired. Once you get the contact look for them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and read their blogs. Make sure you get used to them and know everything about their style and professional details before you meet them in person, it will help you know the ones that are real and those that are not up to the task.

What Type Of Wedding Do You Need?

There are different types of wedding planners so you need to decide which type of planner you need. Types of wedding planners include;

Full planner or wedding event producer – if you’re looking for a planner that will take charge of everything then this is the right person. However, full planners usually operate like a service so make sure that your selection has everything that is required to take charge of your entire wedding.

Partial wedding planner –   if you’ve already taken care of the major things like cake, venue, location, but you just need someone that will be in-charge of the other things then a partial planner will make good sense. The planner will take over from where you have stopped and ensure that everything goes on well until the end of the wedding.

Week of or day of planner – wedding days are full of activities. The couple will need someone that will be in-charge of the all the runs of the day; a week of or day of planner will be perfect for that.

Set Up A Meeting

Meeting with your planner gives you the chance to know them physically and make them understand what you need. Before you meet with the planner make sure you have decided your wedding date, know how many guests you’re expecting and your budget. You need to know this in case the wedding planner is booked for that date already; so that you’ll need to look somewhere else.

Check Out Their Portfolio

Every good wedding planner has a portfolio that contains all the information about their past jobs. Apart from assuring you about the professionalism of the planner, the portfolio will also give you the opportunity to check out the design ideas and style of the planner.

Ask Questions

The point of meeting your wedding planners is to ensure that they are the right person, that you like them and that they clearly understand your goals and intentions. And the only way to know everything is to ask questions. Below are some of the very important questions that you must ask your planner in-other to establish proper connections between the two of you.

–          How much experience do you have as a wedding planner?

–          Do you belong to any professional organization?

–          How much do you charge?

–          Do you have workers and helpers? If yes, how many are they?

–          Can you provide a list of references?

Andrea Robinson is a wedding planner who recently searched for popular wedding hymns to play at the ceremony as the bride and groom had no idea where to begin.