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There are many types of hair extensions available, and the main deciding factor can be how permanent you want the hair extensions to be. There are five main types of hair extensions, each with their own benefits.

Clip in
Clip in hair extensions are ideal for those who are not looking for permanent hair extensions. They are particularly good for people who want a quick and easy way of getting long hair, or who want hair extensions for a special occasion such as a wedding.

Most commonly, clip in hair extensions consist of various strips of hair ranging from single pieces (for the front sections of the hair) to wider pieces for the back of the head. Usually they have small clips sewn onto the hair weft (approximately three clips for wider pieces, and one clip for smaller pieces) which are then clipped onto your own hair securely.

Clip in hair extensions seamlessly blend into hair, and you can choose to have as many or as little as you like, depending on the hairstyle you are creating.

Pre bonded
Pre bonded hair extensions are more permanent than clip in and usually last approximately three months. Each strand of the extensions is bonded with Keratin glue, which is the safest natural bonding agent that can be removed easily without causing damage.

Within pre bonded, there are two different types – Nail Tip (also known as U Tip), and Stick Tip (also known as I Tip).

Nail Tip hair extensions are dipped in keratin hair extension glue at the tips. This is the safest hair bonding glue and can be removed without damaging your natural hair using a keratin remover. The glue is then rolled into a nail tip and applied to the natural hair with a heat connector.

With Stick Tip however, they do not require any glue or heat. Instead they can be applied using a Micro Ring System with a metal ring in place of glue.

Micro Loop
Micro Loop hair extensions have the micro loop and micro ring already attached, so only a hair extensions plier is needed. It does not require any heat or glue, the hair extensions is simply attached onto your natural hair using the loop and ring, and the micro ring is then flattened to secure the hair together.

Human hair weaves usually consist of one long piece of human hair and it can be applied using a number of methods such as sewn in, glued in, using micro loops, and sewing clips on to make it a customized clip in hair extension set.

Tape in
Tape in hair extensions are considered to be one of the easiest ways to apply hair extensions and they use a special strip of tape. Hair is simply portioned and the strips of hair taped. The tape usually lasts 4-6 weeks but the tape can be replaced and the extensions used again if they are in good condition.

As you can see, there are many types of hair extensions to choose from depending on your needs.

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