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Any business that sells products or services relies on their customers and clients to keep them going. Businesses which go out of their way to look after clients naturally create a better name for themselves and retain their client base, as well as benefitting from referrals by satisfied customers. Here are a few pointers on how to keep your clients happy.

The Personal Touch
The personal touch is always appreciated. Give your clients a call to update them on your progress and let them know what you’re doing for them. This also gives them the opportunity to bring up any problems they may have, as well as reminding them of the good work you’re doing for them. If a customer calls and you can’t take the call, be sure to call back as soon as possible as ignoring them or putting them on the long finger may harm your business relationship. When you are talking to a client, don’t be afraid to ask after their family or otherwise show interest in their lives – this may not be business-related, but it shows that you care about the client in a more personal way and don’t see them solely as a source of revenue.

The Importance of First Impressions
Whenever a client visits your office, remember the importance of first impressions, particularly with prospective clients. Dress the part and host the meeting in a conference room to make the client feel important. Have water and snacks (fresh fruit, biscuits etc.) on the table for them and offer them tea or coffee. Even if they don’t drink or eat anything, it will create a good impression. If ever you have a client flying in for business meetings, send a chauffeur to the airport to collect them. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot by having them navigate a public transport system they aren’t familiar with. A chauffeur-driven car is a much classier option than a taxi and one that is sure to be appreciated by the client.

Exceeding Expectations
Many people are inclined to offer the sun, the moon and the stars in order to persuade a new client to use their service or buy their products. While this may make you money in the short-term, you’re much better off setting realistic expectations which you then endeavour to exceed. If you’re exceeding clients’ expectations, you’re more likely to keep clients in the long-run and satisfied clients are in turn more likely to recommend your services or products to others, bringing in more business for you. No advertising is more persuasive than a satisfied customer!

Go above and beyond the call of duty when you can. Drop into clients, cut clients a deal every once in a while, throw in free services, keep clients updated on the work you’re doing… All these extra touches won’t go unappreciated and, by going that extra mile, you’ll keep your existing customers satisfied as well as gaining all that free word-of-mouth advertising, ensuring that your business thrives.

This article was written by human resources manager Patrick O’Connor, on behalf of a lead provider of chauffer driven cars.