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If you have a website and you are doing heavy business on it then the number one thing you must make sure of is security. This is the priority everyone should have because you will certainly not like to have your website attacked by hackers and thus ruin the trust that has maybe taken years for you to develop with your clients. With that being said, what are the benefits of security testing?

Managing vulnerabilities intelligently

When you consider testing your website’s security you will actually be let in on information about your exploitable and actual security threats. When you perform this test you will basically be let in on a list of the most critical vulnerabilities your website is exposed to, the ones that are false positives and the less significant ones. For your organization this information will allow it to prioritize remediation intelligently, allocate security resources more efficiently and apply the required security patches.

Avoid the cost of network downtime

If you have a corporation and you will be in the position of recovering from a security breach, this may cost you millions of dollars related to reduced revenue, lowered employee productivity, discouraged business partners, legal activities, customer retention and protection programs, IT remediation efforts and so forth.

Preserve customer loyalty and corporate image

Even if your company is dealing with just a single incident of compromised customer data this can be costly in both tarnishing your corporation’s image and sales. Nowadays customer retention costs are higher than ever and no one would like to lose even a single customer. More to that, if there are records of data breaches this will certainly turn off new clients. With security testing you will avoid data incidents that can put the trustworthiness and reputation of your company at risk.

The right security for your business partner relationships

If your organization will go through a security breach this will have a shockwave affecting your business partners by association or directly. Many companies nowadays try to reassure their partners as much as they can that they are reliable and secure and using security testing proves a commitment to proactive threat management, risk mitigation and vulnerability assessment.

Justify security investments

In the recent years many organizations have drastically increase their budget allocated for IT security, but they struggle to derive metrics for determining ROI and those assets, other than how well they have performed in regards to avoiding major security incidents. When you will consider security testing you will be let in on a process for both building a case for future investments and evaluating the effectiveness of existing security.

Satisfying prerequisites for cyber-security insurance

Website security testing is rapidly becoming a requirement for getting cyber-security insurance coverage. For an insurance carrier it’s clear that the simplest and most effective way of determining how strong the defensive mechanisms of a corporation or company are is to perform security testing and see how well its valuable assets are protected.

As you can see, penetration testing is certainly very important for your website and you should consider it as soon as possible. This way you will protect your investment and keep your clients’ peace of mind intact! Test your website security in order to make sure there are no cracks, as even the smallest of slips can backfire on you and your website can be in a  lot of danger, not to mention your servers, downtime and the mess that can make with your users and visitors.