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You might have a band that could be the biggest in the world but no one other than the neighbours know you exist and that’s only because they keep wondering what the racket is. So how do you get yourself in the public eye?

You could, of course, consider the not very rock ‘n roll concept of a marketing strategy for your band. Modern music is no longer about record company executives with large cars and unlimited budgets.

Do It Yourself
Employ a DIY marketing strategy to attract attention and promote the band’s name and you might discover that elusive record deal is not as essential for success as it once was. The aim of marketing is to get noticed and the internet has given everyone a platform with which to do it. And it works, as both Lily Allen and Lady GaGa benefitted enormously from their initial internet exposure while they tried to make a name for themselves.

The first step is to set up a website for the band. On the site, include biographies of the band, a player or video insert with a couple of your songs on, a date sheet and a blog about the band and its activities. Try to make the site look and sound as professional as possible. You could even consider getting photographs done professionally, though a lot of live-music photographers are enthusiasts and often willing to let you use their shots for a name credit on your site.

Use your website’s URL as a link on social-media sites when setting up band pages on Facebook, My Space, YouTube or Twitter so that any visitor to any social-media page can always find your main site. Set up an email list so you can send out dates and news to people who have expressed an interest, whether online or at gigs.

Promotions and Merchandise
Reference the site on all your hard-copy promotions, in interviews in papers and on adverts, posters, t-shirts, flyers and wristbands. Generally, especially if you’re starting out, your main fan base won’t yet be the countless millions on the web but the ones closer to home that come to your gigs, enjoy your music and buy your merchandise. Make sure all your merchandise is of good quality and value for money. No one likes feeling they’ve been ripped off at a merchandise stand. Most of all, though, play live a lot and play well and other people will do your marketing for you by word of mouth.

Vicky works alongside Top Wristbands who make silicone wristbands for bands to sell at gigs. She is a music fan and goes to see live music as often as she can.