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Kindle keyboard, a third generation keyboard with built in Wi-Fi feature, is the new innovation of Amazon for its users. It is somewhat similar to the previous 3G keyboard, but with additional features. It is not a touch screen device, but a sleek, smart device with buttons on the lower pad and on sides. It is purposely-built reading device with different flavors, with Wi-Fi or with Wi-Fi plus 3G. It can store more than thousand books just like a library with you.

Review of Kindle keyboard:

Here is the kindle keyboard (Wi-Fi) review with Kindle’s main and important features:

Display: It is 6 inch slim, sleek and compact with effective and bright display. The text can easily be read over the screen that gives an effect of real paper. Easy to read whether indoors or out in sun light. The image quality is better than ever.

Flavors: This compact device is available in grey and white colors.

Free wireless: Built in wireless. No headache of any contract or monthly pay for Internet. Easy to download books anywhere any time. With free 3G built-in and hotspot for wireless; you can easily access book store on the go.

Battery time: Battery life is dependent on Wireless use. It is a Keyboard with double battery, lasting for four weeks with Wi-Fi turned off. Battery will last for a month if you daily read for an hour.

PDF and Dictionary: It holds a built-in dictionary with instant look up and native support for PDF files.

No power-hot feature: Unlike other devices or laptops, it never gets hot; so you can enjoy hours reading with Kindle keyboard.

Access to online stuff: It has access to more than 9 thousand blogs, magazines and newspapers. News from many sources is delivered directly before even hitting a newspaper and accessing to online Amazon store.

Audio read facility: If you can’t read or your eyes start to itch, you can use the audio feature read-to-me. It will read the books, newspaper or magazine to you.

Technical features:

Sys features: It requires no system features; so doesn’t at all require any output device to download things or applications.

Fast processing: Due to its 4 gigabytes, the processing speed is excellent.

Cloud feature: As it is a pure Amazon gadget, it has the facility to store each and everything on cloud, holding storage for Amazon contents you would download on your Kindle device, storing more than 8 thousand books because of its cloud feature.

Formats compatibility: It is compatible with documents, having HTML, PDF, TXT, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP formats.