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The age-old question: when moving to a new state, is it better to move yourself or to hire long distance moving companies? Both choices have their appeal, but only an in-depth analysis will result in a decision families can be comfortable with.

The Length of the Packing Process

One of the advantages of working with full-service movers is less disruption to your home and lifestyle. When families move everything on their own, they typically have to break up the work over several days or weeks. The result can be life in a home cluttered with boxes, wrapped furniture, and half-packed rooms. On the other hand, professional movers take care of it all in as little as one day, which leaves the family with a livable home right up until moving time.

Finding the Lowest Cost

Of course the main reason people consider moving themselves is because they want to save money. However, when the costs are really broken down, most people won’t save as much as they think. In order to compare the rates accurately, the true costs must be considered – not just the quoted costs.

It costs money to rent furniture pads yourself or to buy tape to secure furniture, but these expenses are usually covered by long distance moving companies. Those who choose to move themselves will typically want to purchase insurance to cover the goods in the truck. Many moving companies include insurance in their rate. These and other costs can add up more than most people think. Let’s not forget other expenses like gas, one-way truck rental fees, stress and the hard work you will have to endure before the process is completed!

Putting a Price on Time and Comfort

The key for anyone considering the pros and cons of each option is putting a price on their own time and comfort. Comparing costs isn’t as simple as comparing the quoted rate of a moving company versus that of renting a truck. The costs outlined above must be considered, as well as how much time and comfort are valued at.

For example, if a family can save $500 by packing their own home, loading a truck, driving it across the country themselves, and unloading everything themselves – is that $500 really meriting the excessive additional work? It’s up to everyone to make that decision for themselves, but it’s not hard to see that it may not be worth the savings.

The Value of Expertise

Professional movers bring more than just convenience – they bring experience. They are trained in how to best wrap furniture, artwork, and other belongings. They know how to pack a moving truck to ensure the goods stay safe during transporation – which is especially important when moving to a distant new state. They’ve carefully navigated highways in large moving trucks many times. This expertise results in the peace of mind that a home’s contents will be moved securely.

When the real costs of moving are compared, many families realize that working with movers will save them in the long run.

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