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Many home-owners in the UK have decided to invest in solar technology amid fears of soaring power bills landing on their doormat. It seems their actions have been rewarded, too, as 2 in 3 households with solar energy claim their energy bills have been drastically reduced.

A new piece of research by took the answers of over 1,300 UK residents about the effect their solar panels had on their lives, earlier this year. A significant amount of them suggest their outgoings on electricity have been greatly decreased, with most solar-owners saving an average of £1,000 a year.

Within the last 12 months, the 6 largest energy providers in the UK have upped their prices on two occasions. This sort of activity has become common in recent years and consumers are worried about how they’ll cope in the months to come. The recession is proving to be a stubborn problem and u Switch discovered that over a third of us are already struggling to pay our energy bills.

70% of UK home-owners believe the solution lies in solar conversion, despite the recent cut in rates for the government’s feed-in tariffs. Those who’ve taken up the incentive hope to make money from it, with the bonus of aiding the environment and adding value to their property.

Over 85% of solar-panel users recommend the switch to their friends and colleagues, while only 10% of users said that the panels were more trouble than they’re worth. Of greater note, perhaps, is the fact that over half of those who do not have solar panels aren’t interested, as the technology is too costly to install.

Regardless of the one-off installation cost, there is an obvious disparity between the opinions of those with solar-panels and those without. Home-owners can expect to save £80 per month with solar panels, a healthy saving in today’s touch economic climate.

Keven Sears, uSwtch’s expert in energy efficiency, wants the government to invest in solar promotion. Those who have already invested in solar energy are overwhelmingly delighted with the results and would spread the word. If the government can help deliver this message, then more people will hear of this eco-friendly and effective cost-cutting measure.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can transform your business or home using solar panels, the convention, Solar Power UK has a seminar focusing on the benefits of solar-energy for businesses.

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