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So, we’re back with the task of sharing with you the hot news of upcoming technology in the market ! Yes we are talking about the much awaited Smartphone of the era – Galaxy S7. The news of the exceptionally stunning Samsung’s Galaxy S arrangement is in the air these days. The organisation of the Smartphone has been among the most loved of its line. Smartphone lovers have constantly favoured the new features, hence it is difficult to disregard it and move on. This deserves to be discussed. The astounding specs which are going to come with this gadget is going to blow your mind.

* The Specifications and the Rumours Around it :

By now, it has become very sure that the new Smartphone i.e. the Samsung galaxy S7 is going to come with an amazing integration of software and hardware core.  According to the rumors around the Samsung Galaxy S7,we will find 4GB RAM and 5G features with a very nice and user friendly experience for sure.

These are of course not all. There is a lot more in the kitty. You are goking to have what you have till now not even imagined in the features and specification list of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

There are many more fantabulous features some of which are stated below.

Let's Know Our Galaxy S7

There has been a great emphasis on a 4GB ultra expansive fundamental memory that we usually signify by calling RAM. At moment, you can imagine what the extent of your portable computer/desktops RAM is and where the internal arrangement of this upcoming technology will lead this revolutionary Galaxy S7 to rank upon.

Currently, we don’t have much data about the processor upgrades for Galaxy S7,however it is highly likely that it will be having 64-bit Exynos processor with 3.5 GHz handling force. In this sense, you can be prepared for the exceptionally quick multi-tasking and quick handling Smartphone in the row. The features of Samsung Galaxy S7 are certainly going to hypnotize you.

On the other hand, there is lot more charm in showcase layout of Samsung Galaxy S7 . You can expect a 4K showcase or flexible presentation from next Galaxy S7.Only two years back, HTC and LG of Smartphone industry provided the stage to experience the 3D showcase, however they could not stand up to the level. Now lets see if upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 will be able to bring some high determination and better 3D presentation.

Some Unique Specifications :

  • Certified octa-core 3.X GHz processor
  • 3d 4k determination show or 2k versatile presentation measuring 5.2 inches
  • 4GB RAM
  • 20 MP ultra low light affectability sensor
  • Ultra fast finger print criminologist sensor
  • A little scale projector
  • A super fast charging battery

* Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch Date

Though the official launching date of Samsung Galaxy S7  for India is yet not declared by the company, however according to the speculation, Samsung Galaxy S7 is most likely to get launched in mid or quarter of 2015 in India.

So stay excited and stay tuned for more updates.