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Bullfrog Spa

The Bullfrog Spa offers you the most unique spa treatment with its exclusive equipments to give you an unforgettable spa experience. So what is so exceptional about their products? How is their spa different from any other you may ask? What makes Bullfrog Spa more special is that it is the only spa in the world to use the patented Jetpaks Therapy System in its sumptuous hot tubs.

Unique JetPak System

So, what exactly is the function of JetPak system? Well, these JetPaks, with limited availability, are one of the most innovative discoveries in terms of luxury and comfort. They grant full control to the user in choosing, altering and upgrading the massage services that appeal to them. The JetPaks possess modular hot tub jets which can be easily swapped for other hydrotherapy options owing to its maximum intensity and unlimited flexibility giving you limitless opportunities to choose your preferred massage services over time. While not being a major spa buff, I for one am totally astounded at the thought of such a unique and advanced service system.

Win A Bullfrog Spa By Entering A Lucky Draw Contest

Free Spa Giveaway

What is even more intriguing is the construction of hot tubs which boasts of 100% wood-free durability, efficiency in performance, low operation costs and superior quality products. Moreover, Bullfrog spa does not cease to surprise us as they also offer a chance to win a free spa giveaway through a special draw where one lucky winner residing in the US/ Canada would take home his/her own Bullfrog Spa. The question is who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this amazing spa treatment within the comfort of their homes for free.

Terms and Conditions

While the offer is undoubtedly one of its kind, you need to meet certain terms to be eligible for this contest. In order to participate in this contest, only legal residents of US or Canada with 18 years of age or older are eligible. Only those entries received by 5 PM MST on 12/22/2014 will be deemed valid and a random drawing on or about 12/23/2014 will determine the lucky winner. The grand prize includes a Bullfrog Spas Model R7 portable spa which should be claimed by December 15, 2015. To find out more details regarding the stipulations logon or fill out the form to get your queries answered.