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Over the last twenty to thirty years the world has seen the number of cars on the road grow and grow. As the roads become busier and more congested, the garage has become a more prominent feature of the home. Some use it for storage, preferring to leave their cars on the driveway. Others use it to keep their cars safe from the weather. One thing is for sure though: the garage is now often a visitors’ first impression of your home, so it’s important to make both the inside and the outside look the best that it can.

Cleaning Your Garage Door
The door of your garage should be kept in mint condition wherever possible. As soon as it starts to become neglected, it can become a bigger job to get the repair work done, and this will mean an extra cost for you. The best way to maintain your garage door is to clean and inspect it once a month or so. When cleaning your garage door, it is important to remember to use a low abrasive cleaner and soft brush as you could scratch and cause damage to the door that could lead to premature ageing of the product. Keeping your garage clear of snow, fallen leaves and other forms of debris will lessen the risk of damage and contamination.

Oiling the Joints
When you open and close your garage door, it may start to make more noise over time and start to stick occasionally. This isn’t necessarily a sign that you need to go out and purchase a new door, but it could lead to that if you don’t start to take care of the moving parts of the door. To do this, you just need to use oil on the moving parts to help lubricate them and get them moving better again. It will also make a difference to the amount of noise your garage door makes. If you don’t use lubricating oil, there is a risk that the door could become stuck more often and eventually become unable to close at all, which in most cases would mean a replacement.

Coating the springs
The springs of your garage door will enable the door to open and close properly without noise and without getting stuck. They need to be coated and lubricated once a year in order to work to their full capacity and if you do this, you should have a fully operating garage door that looks the part and keeps your garage protected and insulated.

Daley is a homeowner and enjoys helping others with their home improvement needs. He works with Easyfit Garage Doors  to supply property owners with the knowledge they need when choosing a garage door.