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London has enjoyed a spectacular summer with the Olympic Games and the extravaganza that came with it. Fashion was immensely prominent and as the end of summer approaches, we have autumn fashion to look forward to. We go from playful, feminine looks with bright colours to stylish, deep colours and decadence. In this fashion based article we look at the top autumn and winter fashion trends for 2012 from the catwalks and the big name fashion magazines.

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends for 2012

Colours, textures and prints

As the trends go for autumn and winter, rich, decadent colours are always an occurrence. This autumn we see black and blue paired together as a major contender on the catwalks. Different shades of blue from a dark, rich blue to a more sea blue could be seen creating a harmonious partnership with the always popular black. Burgundy is another colour to look out for in this autumn’s fashion trends with differing shades and textures enhancing the look. Winter is always a time to dress up more flowing fabric with prints and patterns and ‘animal instinct’ is great autumn fashion trend for 2012. Reptile prints have come back in a big way as well as leather playing a major role in this season’s trends. Summer is all about lace and frills but autumn and winter sees sexy leather coming out.

Accessories and styles

Accessories are big in autumn and winter fashion trends and this year is no different. Fashion trends for 2012 see belts making a huge appearance in all sizes, patterns and colours. Belts are a great way to dress up an outfit and add some glam to a plainer winter outfit. Another innovative and different style we have seen in this autumn’s fashion trends is the comeback of the once corny and embarrassing patterned jersey. We see thick, woollen jerseys with patterns of all colours and styles as well as the cute animal in fashion. In terms of makeup, we have seen glitter dazzling the many models on the catwalks. Bright, glitter highlighted lips and eyes and added some colour to the dark, rich colours on the catwalks. In other autumn and winter fashion trends for 2012, the military style has also come back in a big way. Military masculinity and glam created an interesting amalgamation of fashion in the form of hats, jackets and cuts of clothing. Jumpsuits were seen as a summer fashion trend but they have made their way into the autumn fashion trends this season too with a delectable mix of textures and style.

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an immense passion for fashion. She covers an array of topics from new striped shirts to fashion trends and shows.