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Moving is a stressful activity. No matter how many times you’ve checked and double-checked (and then triple-checked) your lists, you will feel overwhelmed and stressed out. You forgot something vital, miscalculated how much stuff you will be moving, or broke something on the way. Long distance moves are even harder.

If you use a reputable and full-service moving company, you can make your move much easier on you and your family. With numerous services offered to make your move simpler and more efficient, you will be able to get to your new place and feel at home right away.

DIY vs. Hiring a Moving Company
Many times it is actually less costly and always less painful to move with a full service mover than renting a truck and taking on the job yourself.

Renting your own truck is a great way to move locally. It’s cost-efficient, easy, and you can do it all yourself. If you have to, you can easily make two trips.  The reality of doing it yourself is that the cost of fuel is expensive, one way rentals are more expensive, and driving a big truck for many miles is hard! However, for long distance moves, your best option is hiring a moving company and allowing them to make the move for you. With a large distance to cover, you spend less time worrying about transport, and more time enjoying your new home.  This means less work, less effort and therefore, less stress.

What are the Benefits of using a full-service mover?
To begin with, you are given an accurate cost estimate, so you are aware of what your bill will be: no surprise costs! You are also guaranteed arrival and departure times that will be met, or you will be reimbursed a certain amount of money per day. This assurance will certainly provide peace of mind that your move will go smooth and easy.  A self-move provides none of these reassurances.

With reputable long-distance van lines, there is also replacement value protection coverage. This ensures that, should anything be damaged in the move; you will be provided a replacement or full repair. You can trust professional, well-trained movers to handle your belongings with care, without worrying about damages. When moving yourself, the protection and replacement of your items will be your responsibility.

By hiring a moving company, you have the benefit of speaking with a move counselor.  The counselor will guide you on the level of services to order, and help you in finding discounts you may not have known about otherwise.

On top of all these benefits, some long-distance movers often offer unique programs for people such as veterans and seniors. To prove that they care for the people they move for, these companies provide discounts and special services to help you get where you need to go.

When moving a long distance, hiring a moving company to help you with your long-distance move is the best thing you can do. To move without worrying about your personal belongings brings a peace of mind that is incomparable to making the move yourself. Trust the company to make your move easier. When making a long-distance move, you will be faced with the choice of doing it yourself or hiring a professional moving company.  The small amount of money you could save doing it yourself will be forgotten when you realize how easy you could have had it by hiring a professional long-distance moving company handling the move for you.

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