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London Fashion Week happens twice each year with designers presenting their Spring/Summer collections in September and Fall/Winter designs in February. It’s the second of the Big Four fashion weeks, following New York and preceding Milan and Paris.

Fashion Week: More than Dresses
While the general assumption of London Fashion Week is that it is simply for clothing with models on the catwalk showcasing famous, and soon-to-be famous designers’ newest collections, there are a number of other presentations that happen during the five packed days. Certainly, the vast majority of the shows the media focusses on are clothing designers. This means that the keen fashion lovers not at the shows might not get their fill of designers presenting jewellery, handbags and millinery.

One very well-known fan of millinery is the Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton. A lover of a variety of head pieces, she’s a great ambassador of the strength of British hat making. While looking at some her of past outfits might inspire you, there is an entire showcase at London Fashion Week called Headonism devoted to presenting up and coming milliners. Headonism is held in conjunction with Royal Ascot, where, as you might imagine, hats and fascinators are an integral part of the festivities.

This year, it’s being presented by the well-loved Stephen Jones, who’s worked with Boy George and Princess Diana in the past. Focussing on introducing new and less well-known designers, this year it features Charlie Le Mindu, J. Smith Esquire, Noel Stewart, Piers Atkinson, and William Chambers.

How to Wear them
Now that you’ve got the names of some brilliant designers, wondering what to do with that fascinator or a hat? Think about where you’re going, and whether your hat will be a large statement piece or will be small and dainty. If you are inspired by the Duchess, choose simple but intricate pieces and if you haven’t been blessed with her lovely locks, you might want to also think about clip-in extensions to thicken up your hair.

Choose an unassuming colour combination, and make sure that the accessory you choose complements your make-up and other jewellery. It will be very obvious that you’re wearing a hat, so let it speak for itself. You don’t want it to be the first thing that everyone notices, but instead want people to take in your outfit as a whole and cohesive look.

Bespoke Hats
Even if you’re a reserved dresser, with so many great hat makers out there, you will be able to find something that makes your outfit a bit brighter without compromising your personal style. And the best thing about these designers is that you can commission a unique piece, just for you. That way it will not only reflect the beauty of the designer’s work, but also your personal style: the best of both worlds!

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