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For the most part, when we think of mobile apps we think of games or useful tools that make our lives much easier. But, there are actually many applications that have been created to help promote personal and community safety that many individuals not only need to be aware of, but should download onto their mobile device.

With Personal Safety in Mind

Because our cell phones, and now tablets, seem to go with us wherever we are, having applications dedicated to our personal safety downloaded on our phone is never to be overlooked. Whether it is a roadside assistance application that gets you a tow truck when you need it, or an app that allows friends and family to see your location in the event of a kidnapping, these are always smart downloads.

Mobile Application Development for Our SafetyTake a look at a comprehensive listing of Mobile Apps for Personal Safety which can help to protect you in all types of situations. Keep in mind however, that you want to sort through reviews on these types of applications in order to determine whether or not they actually work, as some make promises they can’t necessarily keep.

Remember too, that there are mobile applications that are dedicated to keeping information on your phone safe as well. Most of us store passwords and personal information somewhere on our phones. When this information is lost, it can certainly affect our personal security. For that reason there are a variety of applications that can be downloaded to your mobile device that will protect your phone from prying eyes, can even send alerts for a lost or stolen phone to your email. Whether or not you keep personal information on your phone these types of applications can be extremely helpful.

With Your Child’s Safety in Mind

There are not only some great apps for adult safety online, but many of helpful apps for parents to protect their children as well. From Amber Alert applications that alert you when a child in your area is missing, to apps that will tell you the location of your child based on where their cell phone is. These are all great uses of technology that can help bring parents peace of mind in an ever dangerous world. HLN has a great article in which the apps that can help to protect children are assessed and explained.

Don’t forget, that for those kids who have mobile devices there are also applications that can help to protect your child and allow you to set some controls on their activities. Just as Norton creates antivirus software for your computer they now make an app to help you monitor your child’s activities and protect them.

There is no denying that mobile application development is the wave of the future. While there are plenty of applications that are dedicated to helping purchase something or getting money from users, it is nice to see there are applications that are truly using technology to benefit the safety users.

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