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When you are transporting dangerous goods, you need to make sure that the shipping container that you are using is both suitable for the intended purpose and also built to meet regulations that are set by the Department of Transport. Not only does the equipment need to meet set standards, but drivers of vehicles must also take special training in order to qualify them to be able to transport such materials. This means that you should make sure that you choose the highest quality shipping containers when looking to modify them for the purpose for dangerous goods.

Doing Some Homework

Before you go about getting any quotes, you will need to find out to what standards your shipping container will need to be made to. Once you know the regulations and what is needed exactly, you can then start to look at different companies that can provide you with modified shipping containers in Australia, suitable for danger goods, or even explosives. It would be advisable to speak to companies that produce their own shipping containers, as well as making the modifications themselves, here in Australia, rather than use a company that has a third party do all of the work overseas. If a product is made here in Australia, you can be assured that it is going to be made to a set standard, which is going to adhere to all regulations. Using the internet, you should be able to draw yourself up a shortlist of 3 or 4 different companies that you can potentially deal with.

Modified Shipping Containers For Dangerous Goods

Ask the Right Questions

Now you will need to contact the companies that you have selected and start to ask questions about their modified shipping containers in order to get a feel for the business. This can be done over the telephone or even via email if you prefer, and can be a good way to assess the overall service through the competence of the advisor you are dealing with. Some questions that you may wish to consider asking might be;

  • What quality materials do you use and where are they sourced from?
  • What warranty do you offer with your products?
  • What turnaround time can you offer?
  • Where are the modifications made and to what standard?
  • To what standards are your modified shipping containers made to?

There are plenty more besides, but this gives you an idea of the questions that you can ask. You also want to make sure that you ask all of the companies the same question, and then you can compare their responses. For an idea of some more questions that you might want to ask, check out the Department of Transports regulations on dangerous goods, as this should help you to come up with plenty of things that you can ask. It is best to ask lots of questions and get reassurances than to buy a shipping container that is not fit for purpose, and could end up causing a fatal accident. Making sure that all regulations are adhered to, will go some way to help reassure you that you will receive a modified shipping container that it is going to be safe and within industry standards.

Choose the Most Professional Company

When you are speaking to the different companies about your requirements, you need to weigh up between the price offered, quality of products, warranty offered, and also the level of service. Finding the right balance of all of these factors will allow you to choose a professional company that will make you a quality modified shipping containers which is suitable for dangerous goods.