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If you are a biker who is driven by necessity rather than by an impulsive or adventurous streak, you probably use your bike for cruising around the domains of your inner city. Your local department store, library and parks are some of the places that you probably frequent on a regular basis. To carry all the vital necessities and traveling gear required for these leisurely places, you’ll need to buy well-constructed and durable motorcycle luggage.

Selecting the most appropriate form of luggage bags is a challenging task that demands a high degree of patience. For your inner city traveling, you’ll need to opt for motorcycle saddlebags that have the following features.

1.      Shopping At Your Local Stores
For your weekly or monthly grocery shopping, it is inevitable that you’ll need to head towards the convenient store that is nearest to your residence. Peanut butter, jam, soda cans, fruit juice cans and dairy products are some of the must-have grocery items on any shopping list. To prevent the juice containers and soda cans from getting cracked you should carry a large-sized motorcycle trunk with you during your various shopping excursions.

2.      Visiting the Library
If you are a book lover who visits the gym on a bi-monthly basis, a medium or large sized waterproof leather saddlebag will serve as your ideal luggage carrier. Most sissy bar bags have built in organizer compartments and an ample-sized central compartment that will accommodate your most cherished selection of books and will prevent them from getting scratched.

3.      Saddlebags Required for a Workout at the Gym
If you are a relentless perfectionist who religiously frequents the gym, motorcycle bags manufactured from breathable leather will serve as your most ideal gym companion. You can easily pack your socks, sports gear, sweatshirt and other gym apparel in these bags. The vented surface of these saddlebags will prevent your clothes from smelling stale.

4.      Family Picnics
If you have a very hectic routine and are only able to see your elderly parents or uncles/aunts on weekends, family picnics will serve as a source of great merriment for you. Extra-large sized Harley Davidson bags will provide sufficient space for you to accommodate your picnic accessories such as sandwiches, picnic cloth, utensils, thermos flask, mustard, ketchup, chips and that delicious lemon pie that you especially made for your nuclear and extended family members.

To prevent boredom from seeping in and spoiling your Sunday picnic, you can pack a basketball or a Frisbee in a hard saddlebag; both of these recreational items will keep you and your children effectively engaged.

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