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Personalized Funeral to Honor the Passing of Loved Ones

The passing of a loved one is never easy. In addition to coping with the emotional distress of losing someone special, family members and loved ones must also make funeral arrangements. The period leading up to the funeral can be a daunting, trying time. If you are in the midst of planning a funeral, try to stay positive by thinking of this event as a celebration of your loved one’s life. To make preparations easier, use available tools such as funeral program and obituary templates. Keep the following ideas in mind as you work to plan the perfect service to honor your dearly departed loved one.

Choose Special Flowers and Décor

It is common to use flowers and ribbons to decorate funeral homes and the church used for services. Instead of choosing generic flowers, think of the flowers that your departed loved one adored. Choose flowers that he or she enjoyed displaying around the house. This will add a touch of personalization to the service.

You can also choose a theme that reflects the departed. If your loved one enjoyed visiting the lush, green hills of Ireland, consider decorating the funeral home with brilliant ferns and plaid ribbons. Choosing a simple theme can go a long way towards making a service feel more like a celebration of life.

Customize Funeral Programs and the Obituary Listing

You should also pay careful attention to the obituary that will be listed in your local newspaper or on the Internet. An obituary provides a picture of an individual’s life and should include his or her accomplishments. If you are unsure of how to go about composing it, use an obituary template. The template will guide you as you fill in information about your departed loved one.

To add an extra touch of personalization, customize the funeral program that will be given to funeral attendees. If your loved one was a proud military member, be sure to include the seal from his or her branch of the service. You can include a border with a design that reflects a loved one’s favorite pastime too.

No one looks forward to planning a funeral. While special, such events are always difficult. When planning a funeral, you should focus on customization and personalization. Be sure that you will be able to celebrate the life of your recently deceased loved one. Arranging a beautiful service with fitting flowers, programs and decor will bring you comfort in this difficult time.

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