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Life in the 21st century revolves around technology, which has led to multiple ways which allows individuals to interact and communicate with each other. Unfortunately, this new methods of communications, such as smartphones, has not made life any easier for most parents, since they have to be wary of the consistent threats their children face, when they choose to communicate through this devices. Most parents feel that their biggest job is to keep their children safe, and in order to do this technology has to work for them also. If you are looking for a way to monitor your child’s cell phone activity there are certain programs that could assist you to do this, such a PhoneSheriff (a cell phone parental control program).

Cell phones have become increasingly developed to a point that they can provide the same level of access to the internet as a normal desk top computer. This leaves parents at a loss, because unlike a computer, a cell phone is mostly meant for private use, and can be difficult to track. This is the basic premise that retina x studios used when developing PhoneSheriff. Through this software a parent can be able to check up on the content their child is viewing, and any other profane material that they may be exposed to. It is designed to be user friendly, and once installed on your child’s phone, should remain relatively tamper proof. But in case they do try to tamper with it, you should receive an alert notifying you of such actions.

“Prevention is better than cure”, and so rather than focusing so much on what content they are viewing, the system allows you to filter out certain websites, and keyword phrases from appearing on your child’s phone. You can also restrict the amount of time your child spends on their phone, and block certain phone numbers from receiving or making calls/ text messages onto your child’s phone. Keeping up with your child’s activities can be a full time job, and so to make it easier for you to check up on them, you can program the software to notify you when certain key words are used on your Childs phone. Probably one of the best features we found while using PhoneSheriff is a GPS locator, which you can either access manually or receive automatic updates on your child’s location. The only issue we found with phone sheriff is it’s in ability to record email messages. It is priced at 50$ annually, which is a reasonable cost for your child’s security.