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Those of us who enjoy what the typical UK pub has to offer (beer, men’s talk, cheap grub and banter) will all admit to participating in the one ritual that is key to holding your head high and being proud to be a man – pub games.

Fashion dictates that trends will come and go and those of us who have a “local” to frequent will have witnessed many different gaming machines and devices being wheeled in and out on a regular basis.

That said, the old favourites always outlive the new trendy gaming machines with the flashing lights and modern technology and, with that in mind, this piece is dedicated to the pub games which will, more than likely, outlive the majority of us.

Table football (or foosball) is an ideal game which friends and family can play, whilst chains of pubs are now bringing in old favourites such as Connect 4 in order to appeal to families.

Darts will always stand the test of time and the main reason why there is a good dart board in almost every free house worth its salt is due to the reason that it caters for as many people as you want.  The individual can entertain themselves with a game “round the board” or merely practise their doubles and treble 20s, while tactical games for more people include golf, 501, 301 and killer.

While many pub games have stood the test of time, only one can put even the most secure friendship or relationship to the test and that game is pool.

The rules can be bent, twisted, adapted or, let’s face it, argued about from the outset and it can take hours to decide on such important things as: one or two shots on the black, behind the line or in the circle, or name your pocket each attempt.

Having witnessed many an argument over a sociable game, there is nothing more addictive than a good old fashioned game pool and landlords and landladies are not silly – after all, a one off sociable game can easily develop into a classic best-of-11 and pub owners rejoice in the additional funds they receive by way of drinks, bar snacks and the money the table itself digests. Stick a jukebox in the corner as we all play better to a bit of modern rock, rap or R and B and it means even more money for the pubs on a wet Wednesday afternoon.

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