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If you own any sort of retail shop, whether you sell jewelry, antique pieces, musical instruments or anything else, of course you want to make the best presentation possible. You need to take proper care of your items, but at the same time ensure they are displayed well for the customer, to create more interest and increase your sales.

The best way to show off your pieces is to use clear display cases. These make it easy for customers to view the items, without handling them more than necessary, to prevent damage to them before they are sold. You can pick and choose from different specialty cases, selecting just the right ones for your particular pieces. Jewelry cases work well for displaying jewelry collections and other fine merchandise, while the cash wrap counters are used as standalone counters or within a showcase merchandising setup. Then there are the display towers, which are much more of a focal piece, while still saving space in your store.

Using Display Cases to Your Benefit
Clear cases work well to store items while displaying them at the same time. Presentation is everything, and not all display cases are created equally. Be sure to choose high quality display cases that are stylish and durable, able to withstand the test of time.

You also need to find the right place to buy your display cases. A store that not only offers a vast selection to choose from now, but also who continues to regularly update their store, offering new, modern pieces and always a good selection to pick from.

Choose a store with experience and knowledge, offering well-constructed cases in a variety of designs. You should never feel limited in terms of options, and whether you are shopping for a clear acrylic case for displaying valuable jewelry pieces, or a wooden display case for showcasing your medals and trophies at home, you need a company you can trust in.

Shopping for Display Cases
You may feel overwhelmed when you see a wide selection of display cases and towers, from specialty jewelry cases and boxes to huge trophy cases and filler cases that must fit conveniently in the corner of your space. There are so many options you will never feel limited in terms of choices, and can always find the perfect selection of cases for your store. Choose specialized cases for different merchandise:

  • Display cases
  • Trophy cases
  • Jewelry cases
  • Display towers
  • Wall cases
  • Countertop display cases

Every case comes pre-assembled, or includes easy-to-follow instructions and an assembly kit for setting up the case yourself when it gets delivered.

Offering the highest in quality and always the lowest prices, Discount Showcases is the place to go for durable, stylish retail display products at wholesale prices.