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In a recent trial regarding Samsung allegedly copying some of the features of Apple products, Apple emerged victorious, requiring a $1.049 billion from Samsung.

The jury did not force the trial on any longer, deciding Samsung guilty of copying some of the patented products of Apple. This trial result has led to possible product bans from Samsung. Among the Samsung devices, the following were the offending ones that Apple noted to have been copying them.  List along with are the fees Samsung needs to pay Apple for that matter:

  • Transform- $954,060
  • Samsung Prevail- $57 million
  • Mesmerize- $53,123,612
  • Infused 4G- $44,792,974
  • Replenish- $3,350,256

Despite these, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was not affected and was not seen as copying the iPad of Apple. Nevertheless, the billion dollars that Samsung is required to pay Apple is a lot of money for them and will also require withdrawing the “allegedly” copied products from the market, losing even more revenue.

Aside from the jury decision that Samsung is copying them, Apple was not declared guilty of copying Samsung’s products. The products of Apple such as the iPad, iPod and iPhone were proven to be original discovery of Apple.

All will not agree about this decision, especially for Samsung fans. Nevertheless, whether you feel Samsung intentionally or did not intentionally copy some of Apple’s products, Apple will certainly be more motivated to win cases against other companies. We just hope that Google can emerge again in designing original products for Android devices.

Amarendra writes for directv where one can find satellite and direct tv packages. He is part time tech blogger and writer.