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When looking to buy a tractor, you will have to consider between buying old or new. The option you choose will depend on your specific needs for the tractor, and there are many things you will have to keep in mind when deciding between potential tractors. 

Buying a Used Tractor

Whether you buy new or used, a tractor will be one of the highest expenses you will incur for your farm or project. Buying used equipment can significantly decrease this cost, especially if you are working with a fixed budget and need to keep your costs low. In addition, if you are starting a new farm and could use the extra savings for other farm equipment, then buying a used tractor is a sensible option. ??When inspecting a used tractor, check for wear at pivot points. Stand in front of the tractor and make sure the wheels align correctly and that nothing is bent. Check the hydraulic lift goes up and down without any problems. Also test the gears and be sure that they change smoothly. Don’t forget to test the clutch, and check to see that zero points have been greased regularly. If the owner gives you permission, drive the tractor half an hour to make sure it doesn’t have overheating problems.

Buying a New Tractor

Long-term, buying a new tractor may be the best option. Depending on your credit, you may be able to receive financing much easier than if you were to buy a used piece of equipment. A new tractor will last much longer and will need less repairs. Even if you were to experience problems with the new tractor, a good warranty would cover any repairs.? But for many with a budget, buying new simply isn’t a luxury to indulge in.

Deciding What Type of Tractor You Need

After deciding wheter a new or used tractor is right for you and your budget, you will then need to determine what type of tractor you need. The type of land and work you plan to do will influence the kind of tractor you will purchase. Wheel tractors come in three different varieties: row-crops, standard-treads and utilities. The more demanding projects will require bigger tractors with higher horsepower, traction, etc. Smaller projects may require small tractors. Refer to for specific information on tractor models and their specific functions.? And always remember, safety first! Rollover protection is an important feature of tractors you need to consider. Generally, the lower the center of gravity a tractor has, the safer it is to operate and the less risk it has of rolling over. When operating the tractor, avoid any steep slopes or any sharp turns. Safe driving habits are the ultimate determinant of tractor safety.

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