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Looking after your office’s energy consumption is one thing. Usually all it takes is a little proactivity and a few reminders for your staff to make little changes. Shutting down computers and turning off lights, when not in use add up to big savings, but what do you do with your huge warehouse, where large changes are required?

We give you some of the best, cost-effective solutions. As an added bonus, all options listed will help reduce your carbon foot-print, too.

Natural Light
The sun provides the greatest source of energy on earth, so why not use it? Installing solar light tubes can brighten the warehouse in the day and won’t make a huge impact on your roof.

Task Lights
Overhead lighting may not be the most efficient way of lighting your warehouse, especially if your employees tend to work in the same areas. Well placed fluorescent lights could save you money and provide better light, where it’s needed most

Replace Your Metal Halide Lights
As mentioned above, Fluorescent lighting is a good, cheap alternative to the old standard lights. Induction lighting is more expensive, but more efficient and is ideal if your light needs to be switched on and off in cold conditions.

Motion/Daylight Sensors
You’ve seen them in offices and you can easily fit these sensors into your warehouse, too. Motion sensors are great if your warehouse only needs to be lit for specific periods. Daylight sensors can keep the warehouse lit all day and night, but only uses as little artificial light as it can.

Programmable Thermostats
An absolute must for keeping costs down. Install one and feel the benefits of accurate heating and cooling according to zone and time. Without one, you’re simply throwing energy away.

Destratification Fans
Designed to operate at a low, energy-efficient tempo, these large fans can move an incredible amount of air. During the cold winter months, the fans push rising hot air back down to your workforce, keeping artificial heating down. During the (don’t they always seem shorter?) summer months, the fans help rooms feel much cooler by aiding evaporation.

Roof Cooling
Everyone knows about keeping heat in with good insulation, but making sure your roof doesn’t absorb all the rising heat is often forgotten. Old roofs are a particular culprit, but can be easily tamed by applying a reflective paint.

None of these jobs are going to take you an afternoon, but the effort put in will always be rewarded by the savings in the long run.

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