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Your wedding is one of the best days of your life. With all the work that goes into planning and budgeting for a wedding, you want to make sure that your special day is well worth it. Brides and future brides-to-be all agree that there are seven main components to make your wedding as unforgettable as the bride herself.

The Right Dress

Many brides are modest and they dismiss the idea that the wedding is all about them. While your wedding is about you and your future spouse, much of the attention is naturally drawn to the bride. So really, no amount of modesty will change the fact that the day is about you. Given all the attention you are expecting, you must pull it off gracefully and stylishly with the right dress. Most experts recommend that you look for your dress at least six months in advance. While this seems like a long time, you won’t believe how many days it takes to find the perfect dress.

Gorgeous Flowers

Other than the bride herself, nothing complements brides more than the right bouquet of flowers. The flowers you hold and decorate your venue with can add up to a great expense if you don’t properly plan it out. You have two choices: you can either settle for cheap silk flowers or order quality fresh buds from

The Food

After all the planning and the stress of the wedding, you will likely be starving. It is important to have great food immediately after the ceremony. Not only do you want to impress your guests, but you want to make sure that it is food you and your hubby absolutely love. No one wants to leave their own wedding hungry or dissatisfied with the menu.

Playful Music

A bride may have the perfect dress, a beautiful ceremony and great food at the reception. However, the whole event can tank if a terrible band or DJ takes over the party. It is far more important to choose music you like, rather than getting the most expensive person to manage the event. If your music doesn’t match your style, then no one will enjoy the reception.

Stylish Venues

With all the venues available to hold a wedding, there really is a special place to fit every style and budget. When you are on a tight budget, you have to get even more creative. Again, time is your best friend here when it comes to choosing the perfect venue.

A Sense of Humor

Your wedding day is an important one, but like everything in life, it may not go exactly as planned. It is important to not let the small things get to you so you can enjoy your day. No one wants a bridezilla on their hands, and you don’t want your wedding to turn into the infamous event where you lost your cool.

The Groom

Remember how the day is about you? Well, it really is about the groom, too. While many guys aren’t into the whole wedding planning game, it is important to get your future hubby involved as much as possible. This way your event reflects upon you as a couple, and not just the bride.