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Simon Reeve’s BBC Two Documentary Boosts Seychelles Property Sales

On 29 April 2012, interest in the tropical paradise country of Seychelles hit an impressive high amongst people in the UK. This was thanks to the BBC Two documentary ‘Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve’ – which aired that Sunday evening. In fact, according to the site TravelSupermarket, online searches about holidays to these islands increased by 3 500% in the week following that show.

With such a potential boost in tourism, investing in Seychelles property has become an enticing option. You gain a tangible asset in the form of real estate, in an area that is fast becoming the most sought-after Indian-Ocean destination for holidays in the sun. This is particularly exciting for investors who aren’t sure where to commit their money now that the international recession has a strong grip on markets around the world.

One particular location in Seychelles has received considerable investment attention; this is the luxury property development of Eden Island. This reclaimed landmass is situated just off the coast of Mahé and is surrounded by clear, blue Indian Ocean. As a tourist destination, this island offers exclusivity, private beaches and an international marina that has charters available for rent. This deep-water facility can cater for super yachts of up to 100m in length. Additionally, if you buy one of these luxurious Seychelles villas, maisons or apartments, you’ll benefit from the arrival of British tourists looking to visit this truly exquisite corner of paradise.

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Invest in property that you can rent to Seychelles tourists

The BBC Two documentary, ‘Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve’, gave viewers a glimpse into the true beauty of the Seychelles islands. It highlighted the beautiful beaches, warm ocean waters and the extraordinary wildlife both on land and under the sea. With a property to rent on Eden Island, you’ll be able to offer tourists access to all of these wonders while earning steady returns. The Rental Pool Management Company ensures that these rentals are properly administered and that owner’s interests are always protected.

Thanks to the renewed interest in Seychelles, you’ll likely see a high return on your Eden Island investments. Here are another 3 excellent reasons to buy a home in this residential marina development:

  1. Increased popularity – Seychelles has always attracted affluent tourists seeking out luxury in paradise. This means that the rental rate of your property will reflect its true value. However, thanks to the BBC Two documentary, the likelihood of visitors being tempted to the island’s shores is on the rise. This means that you’ll now also have a steady stream of people wanting accommodation.
  2. Good return on investment – Owning luxury property in a popular tourist destination will always give you the chance to reap excellent returns. Holiday rentals can offer a strong, consistent source of income and many homeowners are already reporting returns as strong as 8% per annum.
  3. Security – Over the long term, Seychelles villas on Eden Island promise consistent capital growth as the property prices in the region continue to rise. Given that the global recession could continue for several years, a long-term investment in land, bricks and mortar should protect your nest egg against further turbulence.

Contact Eden Island for more information about their Seychelles property.

Eden Island is an innovative marina residential development in Seychelles. This reclaimed land mass has been tirelessly constructed and landscaped to provide luxurious waterfront properties to discerning investors. Offering spacious apartments, private maisons and exclusive villas, Eden Island truly is an exquisite paradise in which to purchase real estate.

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