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Keeping your marriage fires burning hot is essential. Especially when you have been married for ten or more years, it takes effort for you to keep your marriage fresh and committed. Finding unique ways to let your significant other know that you love them and that you value them is essential to keeping your connection strong long into your marriage. Here are six tips for you to keep those marriage fires burning hot and strong.

Take Time Away

When you have been married a while, it is easy to forget that you need to get away to reconnect. Especially if you have children, it is important to take time away from your regular, everyday life. Whether it is for a weekend, just one night, or for a week, vacationing alone can be a way to recharge and refresh your marriage. If you do not have the money to go out of town, send the kids to grandma’s and stay at your own home alone.

Put the Kids to Bed Early

Letting your kids stay up late every night with you watching television does not give you and your significant other time to talk after a long day at work. There is nothing wrong with giving them a time that they have to go to their bedroom on a regular basis. This shows them that you put a priority on spending time with your significant other. Whether they stay up and watch TV in their room, read, or play, it still gives you and your spouse time to talk and to enjoy some time together. Connecting at the end of the night can allow you to catch up on the day, etc.

Make It Special

Whether it is dinner or bedtime, making it special can change the entire feel and mood. Light some candles at the table or in your bedroom to give it a more romantic feel. Use the best dishes or linens to make the evening different. Just a little difference in your regular routine can make a big difference in the night to allow the two of you to have a break from the day to day. This can bring a bit of spice to the middle of the week to help you recharge for the rest of the week.

Leave Love Notes

While you may think that this is childish, nothing is better than sticking your hand into your coat pocket and finding a note from your loved one. Put one in a lunch bag, on the bathroom mirror, in their underwear drawer, on their steering wheel-the options are endless and it can help you to connect with them all throughout the day. If they are going out of town, leave several notes in different pieces of luggage, pockets, etc., so that they know you are thinking about them.

Always Say Goodbye and I Love You

You should never leave or go to sleep without saying goodbye or I love you. Life is fleeting and you never know when you will lose your spouse, so you want to be sure that you always leave on a good tone and go to sleep on a good tone as well. Nothing would be worse than leaving things negative and not having the opportunity to apologize or make up. By always saying goodbye when you leave and saying, “I love you”, as well as giving them a kiss, you can make sure that you did not miss out on showing your love. This is the best thing you can do to prevent divorce, as well as all of the decisions and expenditures that come afterwards, including having to learn how to reduce spousal support in California.

Be Spontaneous

A little gift picked up when you go to the grocery store or a call out of the blue can make anyone feel good. Send a text message saying, “I love you” in the middle of the day or send flowers just because. You do not have to spend a lot of money to be spontaneous. Think outside of the box to make your significant other feel special.

Keeping the marriage fires stoked and burning will take a little effort and thought, but it can also keep your marriage strong. By taking time for each other, being spontaneous, and being sure you connect with them before leaving and going to bed, you will be able to stay connected and keep your marriage strong.

Janis Rodgers is a freelance writer who has written thousands of articles on a great variety of subjects. Her marriage of 15 years has been her greatest work she says, because it has been a time of great growth for her. These articles were spurred by finding out that her close friend was checking out to find a lawyer.