What To Look For In A Realtor

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, your professional realtor, could be the key to making the right connections, executing a seamless transaction, and making your experience profitable. Here are a few tips to help in your search:

1. Consult your local realtors trade association. This is a professional organization that often offers a clearinghouse of information, or referrals to realtors who specialize in the types of transactions you may be pursuing. They can also offer information and helpful tips on state and local regulations that uniquely govern realtors in certain jurisdictions.

2. Narrow your list of prospective realtors, depending on their specialities in commercial, residential, acreage, etc. Check their current listings to get a feel for how active they are and on what types of properties.

3. Next, contact the realtors on your list and ask for detailed resumes that might give some indication of past work, training and credentials.

4. Once you have a few in mind, ask for a sit-down meeting to discuss options with 3-4 prospective realtors. This would be a great time to make sure the realtor is personable and accessible. If making contact or scheduling your sit-down proves difficult, that’s a sign further contact may prove difficult as well. If they have membership in a brokerage, ask if they have been recognized for any outstanding sales work in recent years. Ask for examples of recent sales work finalized in the last 90 days, and get an idea of how they promote their listings (if appropriate to your concern). Flags should go up when realtors offer scattered strategies of how they will promote your property. They should show a clear understanding of marketing and networking to help seal your deal.

5. Follow-up on your meetings by checking out references. Ask questions like, “Did you get the sense that Realtor X was making you his top priority?” and “Did you feel he/she had a firm grasp of the work being done?”

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At this point, you’re likely ready to make a decision. Assemble your research and begin to ask questions of yourself:

-What is my goal? Am I confident that this realtor has the background, knowledge, and personality to achieve it?
-Does this realtor seem engaged or disconnected?
-Does this realtor appear to be a connector – someone bringing a variety of interested parties together?
-Am I comfortable with the terms of service this realtor brings to this transaction (commission fees, etc)?

The business of buying and selling property in whatever form it takes can rise and fall on a good realtor who is engaged, proactive and professional. Be sure to check credentials diligently and don’t be afraid to ask pointed questions. The more you do, the more likely the contractual relationship you have with your realtor will not be strained by misunderstandings. Professional realtors are trained and ready to make deals happen and customers, like you, happy.

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