So What Should I Major In?

So What Should I Major In?

So how much is a college degree worth these days? That may depend on what you’re majoring in. While all college degrees do not open the door for more opportunities for job placement, some majors do offer better prospects than others. The reason for this is because not all industries are hiring; some are struggling to keep those who are already employed and are simply not looking for any new blood. Others however, like engineering, nursing and business and HR management are in constant demand. So how do you determine what the best degree is that will earn the most dividends?

What Should You Major In?
It’s no secret that college isn’t cheap. As tuition continues to rise and financial aid sources diminish, college students must make a decision on their major in order to make it worthwhile given the high price tag. A piece of paper isn’t going to look too great if you can’t find a job; credentials don’t pay the rent. The Huffington Post recently published a list of the top ten least valuable college majors. Now this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any benefits to getting a degree in these majors; it may just mean that you’ll have a tougher time getting a job as you would someone majoring in HR management, or you’ll start off at a much lower salary than you would say a mechanical engineer. So what are some of the majors you may want to reconsider? Here’s is the Huffington Post’s list:

  1. Anthropology and Archaeology
  2. Film, Video, and Photographic Arts
  3. Fine Arts
  4. Philosophy and Religious Studies
  5. Liberal Arts
  6. Music
  7. Physical Fitness and Parks Recreation
  8. Commercial Art and Graphic Design
  9. History
  10. English

With that in mind, if you want to major in these subjects, you have to understand that you’ll have to strategize your academic road very well. For example, you should certainly find an internship or two where you can develop career skills, earn experience and pad your resume. Internships provide the opportunity to make contacts that could eventually turn into a job after graduation. Another thing you may want to consider is taking on a second major or a minor that will make you more hirable. A philosophy or communications degree combined with an HR management degree may show an employer that not only are you able to conceptualize well and speak and write thoughtfully, you know the basics of HR as well. Going into college with a plan is the best way to get the results you want after you graduate.

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