Solar Skylights: A Different Look And Feel For Skylights

Home owners that decide to remodel a home may decide to install skylights in to roof. These windows look great and can add a lot of character to a room. Skylights are also extremely energy efficient. People who install these windows are able to get light without having to turn on a light fixture. This will increase the amount of light without having to use any electricity. Skylights can even cause a room to become warmer. This is especially nice in the winter when people want to increase light and heat and they can utilize their skylights to get both. Aesthetically, skylights are beneficial because they can alter the appearance of a room and even cause it to look larger.

Differences in Skylights
Skylights come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles to create the right look for any home. Each home or space is unique and will require a specific skylight design to be beneficial. There are some skylights that have the sole purpose of letting in light. Other design will let in light and can also open to increase the flow of air. More than one skylight can be mounted together to create a specific look.

Solar Skylights
Another type of skylight is the solar skylight. This is different from the others because it is not a sheer piece of glass like the other designs. A solar skylight reflects the light through a tunnel rather than shining it through a transparent material. Light is captured in a dome and reflects down the tube that can be installed through an attic or a second story. Once the light makes its way down the tunnel it shines through a fixture or diffuser installed in the ceiling. This fixture resembles an electric light fixture. Solar skylights are common in homes, offices, and other commercial buildings, and they are easier to install than regular light fixtures.

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The Benefits
People prefer solar skylights because of the unique look and that it actually looks like a light fixture rather than a skylight. It does not create a glare like other styles, which makes it less likely to heat up a room. It gives the appearance of a lamp without the increased electric bill. They are desirable in small spaces like hallways, closets, attics, and garages, yet they can also be used in a large living space. No matter where they are used, they will decrease the need to turn on an artificial light fixture.

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