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At one time, people assumed that scarves were only worn by the female of the human species, but this kind of thinking fell away when men began to realize they needed a bit of embellishment also. Demand soon began to increase and it didn’t take long before men started wearing Italian scarves that rivaled those worn by women.

Now, don’t get me wrong, women still wear scarves, but they also wear evening shawls and wraps which will probably never catch on with their male counterparts. Today, there are many varieties of scarves to choose from and they range from the ordinary to the most luxurious of accessories. With that said though, it can be a bit of a challenge for men to select the perfect ones.

Some men have a difficult time choosing matching scarf colors for their outfits, but that no longer has to be. What must be understood is that there are no hard and fast rules governing the wearing of Italian scarves. Nevertheless, there are some important areas that one must consider when selecting a scarf.

A critical point to think about when adding a scarf is whether or not the colors will clash with, or accentuate the appeal of an outfit. For instance, a camel scarf will enhance the appearance of a black dress suit, and if you are daring try tying a yellow scarf around the neck with a red shirt.

With the various styles of Italian scarves, evening shawls and wraps available today, it would be hard not to find one that provides the look you are after. If you are buying a scarf for a man, he would probably enjoy one that he could wear often. So, if your man wears casual clothes more often a designer style scarf will suit his tasted very well.

A scarf may not be something that men want to wear throughout the year, but just imagine how much he will appreciate it when you present him with Italian scarves that have his favorite soccer team’s logo on it. Keeping your favorite man warm and cozy in an incredibly warm scarf will pay dividends for you in the future.

He may not understand all this color matching stuff, and creating the perfect style for himself, but you do and you can teach him. Of course, you’ll also want to teach him how to tie it around his neck. As everyone knows, there are some areas of the world where men are just now realizing the value of wearing Italian scarves as a fashion statement. However, in time just about every man will be wearing their favorites all the time.

Blogger and fashion designer Maria Sabbatini is a stickler for nice accessories. Her mission is to help the world look/feel better, one new item at a time. See Maria’s top pick for Italian Scarves for Men here…