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The SpeakerCraft CS3 sound bar is a high performance two-channel speaker system that delivers a surprisingly sophisticated audio experience. In the following sections we will review the main reasons why this sound bar is a cut above the competition.

General Features of SpeakerCraft

The most surprising aspect of the SpeakerCraft is how it performs particularly well, in spite of its pedestal design. Adding to the convenience of use, there’s built-in Bluetooth which is not widely available in competing sound bars. With Bluetooth connectivity, music can be streamed wirelessly from any iPad, tablet or smart phone.

This speaker set boasts two 5.25-inch subwoofers and four 3-inch mid-range drivers, plus two 1-inch “silk dome” tweeters. The set features 3 physical input connectors: coaxial, optical and analog, for added versatility.

Design Features

The SpeakerCraft CS3 boasts an unobtrusive and simple look, along with a strong build quality which conveys a refined appearance. If necessary, the speaker grill can be easily removed since it’s held in place by magnets. The remote has a thin design similar in size a credit card; despite the small size, the button layout is excellent.

Technical Specifications

One of the most convenient aspects of the SpeakerCraft sound bars is that they do not require speaker calibration, which can be a blessing for the less technically inclined users. These speakers have bass ports on the rear as well as front, and it is possible to tweak the subwoofer levels and also the treble and bass levels using the remote, to adjust to the acoustics of a room. When using an OTA tuner, the analog output from the TV can be used to send audio to SpeakerCraft instead of using the optical output port.

Quality of Sound

These pedestal sound bars supply clear and poised sound, which is absent in most products competing in this format. The SpeakerCraft CS3 is able to easily manage high impact needs such as those required by action movies, and there is no harshness in the sound. Additionally, even if a soundtrack has quite different noise levels running simultaneously, the dialogue intelligibility maintains its standard level.

The main highlights of the CS3 is sound clarity in addition to the low frequency extension and intense bass power. The latter provides dynamic impact and is surprisingly deep for a pedestal-style sound bar. CS3 also ranks above its competitors when it comes to creating virtual surround sound; its surround mode produces a sharp and wide stereo image. Sound composure doesn’t get distressed even in loud shoot-out sound scenarios or those such as the cannon fire sounds. The dialogues always remain clear even amidst roaring background music, and the sound quality is consistent enough to be audible in any large room with crystal clarity.

Playing CDs on SpeakerCraft is an enjoyable experience, and it performs well on any type of music – even jazz or classical music. There are no signs of hollowness as is commonly found in other sound bars when CDs are played.


To conclude we will say that SpeakerCraft easily wipes out the competition, and its higher price tag is easily justified by the additional features and sound quality. If you’re planning to get a pedestal style sound bar for your TV, this is arguably one of the best options available in the market.

The New Generation SpeakerCraft Sound Bar

The SpeakerCraft CS3 has a pedestal style design and the sound bar produces high performance two-channel music. In the following sections we will review the main characteristics of this sound bar which make it so special.

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