Spring Cleaning: 4 Home Upkeep Tasks That Keep You Healthy

Spring Cleaning: 4 Home Upkeep Tasks That Keep You Healthy

Spring cleaning is an event that does more than just leave you with a clean house. Spring cleaning can also be beneficial to your health. The following 4 projects are good starting points for a new cleaning list that will lead to a cleaner, healthier living environment.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter is unattractive. Clutter can be a source of stress and frustration when it overrides organization and causes frantic searches for items that get lost in the chaos. Dirt, dust, and allergens can also hide in a cluttered room. Once all of the extra junk is removed from a room, you will definitely want to do a thorough to cleaning to remove the dirt and dust that the unnecessary items were concealing. You’ll find that you are more comfortable and relaxed in a clutter-free home, and your home will be much more inviting.


Eliminate Mold

You may not find it with your regular light cleaning, but a deep cleaning can certainly make you aware of a mold problem. Whether it’s behind appliances, under the floorboards, or even hiding in a neglected room, mold is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as you find it. It’s best to enlist the help of professionals, like First General Services, to rid a home of mold completely and effectively. Mold can cause respiratory problems and be detrimental to your health in various other ways, so act fast.


Cleaning Fabrics

A lot of dirt and germs can enter a home during the winter season, especially if everyone doesn’t remove their shoes when they enter the house. A thorough cleaning of carpets, upholstery and other fabric items can remove bacteria, germs, dirt, dust and stains. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is beneficial to your health and to the fabrics that are being cleaned. Don’t forget to clean small items such as pillows and rugs. Clean linens, upholstery, and carpets are not only good for the health of everyone in the home, they’re good for the fabrics themselves. You’ll feel better using them, and the fabrics will last longer if they’re clean.


Clean the Unseen

There are some spring cleaning tasks that immediately make a home look cleaner and more organized. There are also some projects that will not be as noticeable but are definitely important projects to put on the “to do” list. Cleaning out the cabinets and drawers is one such project. During this process, outdated medication can be disposed of properly, canned or boxed food that has an expired “use by” date on it can be thrown away, and all other products that you never use, or that are no longer any good, can be removed from cabinets, closets, and drawers. Making room and eliminating the unnecessary will make you feel better about your home, and help you to know the kinds of things you don’t use. Good for body, mind, and finances!


Once the spring cleaning projects are done, a home will be more attractive. It will also be a healthier living environment. An uncluttered, organized home is a pleasant place to spend time in. A clean house is a healthier environment to live in.

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