Standing the Test of Time: 3 Tips to Help Your Home Last a Lifetime

Your home is a major investment, and homeowners should do all they can to protect it against the most common problems that can undermine its value and durability. Simple actions can help to prevent many of the issues that can result in expensive repairs and decreases in value. Here are four areas of maintenance that can help your home last a lifetime.

Maintain Your Roof and Gutter Systems

Your roof keeps out the elements that can undermine building materials and destroy your possessions. Each spring, do an annual inspection of your home’s roofing to detect any damage that may have been done during the harsh winter months. You may have loose shingles, missing tiles or deteriorated materials that can allow moisture that can lead to extensive damage to both exterior and interior structures. Your gutter system is an important feature that directs rain and melting snow away from your home’s siding and foundation. Do annuals inspections to detect loose gutters, broken gutters and other problems that can lead to damage to your home.

Inspect and Repair Your Home’s Foundation

Your home’s foundation helps to stabilize your home’s building materials and provides a barrier to moisture. A variety of problems can occur with foundations, particularly in older homes, which may develop cracks, separations and sinking of concrete slabs. These issues can allow damaging moisture into your home. If you notice problems with your home’s foundation, consult a qualified concrete repair contractor to evaluate the damage. Catching these problems in the early stages can prevent more extensive damage that can be costly.

Protect Your Home against Insect Damage

Damage from termites and carpenter ants add up to millions of dollars in home repair bills for homeowners. These tiny insects feed on the wood structures in your home and can undermine its structural integrity. They are drawn to homes with moisture problems, so ensuring your home stays dry can help to deter infestations. Regular home inspection by a qualified pest control company can stop minor invasions in the early stages, to protect your structure from costly damage.

Owning a home is a responsibility that requires regular maintenance and a certain amount of expense. But if you pay attention to a few crucial areas of your home’s fundamental systems, you can ensure the structure will last as long as you need it and will hold its value over time. These three strategies will help you ensure these benefits of home ownership.

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