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Your back yard can become the oasis you need in the middle of school, work, and chores. An effective design creates a zen area you can retreat to at the end of the day. It gives you a place to celebrate milestones in family life. It frees up children to make their own fun and adventures. How do you take advantage of the space you have available? Here are four tips that can work for you. These ideas will work for many small yards as well as for larger ones.


A Play Area for the Kids


Kids need to have free time to play, and they need some space they can claim, even if it’s only for a little while. They can stretch their muscles and their minds. The play area you choose can be custom built or a mix of styles. The most basic play set is a set of swings. Add to that a little house for imaginative play and a place to climb. You’ve just provided versatile outlets for different personalities and youthful moods.


A Green Oasis for You


Gardening is a strong favorite for yard usage. It represents a little bit of everything: interaction with nature, creative outlets for the homeowner, and fresh-air exercise. It raises curb appeal and property value. Gardening is the way to shape your yard with trees, flowering plants, and rock arrangements. You can provide shade, seasonal beauty, and a personal sanctuary when you maintain a garden. However, you don’t want your beautiful space turning into a never-ending chore. Take it one step at a time. Stay on a budget so that you can enjoy yourself. That is the point, after all.


Hardscapes for Family Gatherings


Stone pathways require minimal upkeep. Inlaid stone patios provide defined spaces for elegant yet relaxed dining. They also combine with your gardening style to create an exciting and appealing yard. You can design and create interesting pathways winding through your beautiful spaces. Be adventurous!


Decks, Patios, and Pergolas


Adding a deck adds value to your property. It also changes a bland space into an outdoor room that can be everything from a music hall to a dining area. Custom built patios and pergolas add immediate beauty to your home. You could even try a trendy house shed.


Other yard design details include lighting, potted plants, and fountains. The possibilities are delightfully endless.